• Confide in a professional in the installation of nailed or floating parquet flooring

    In order to obtain a practical floor covering that will sublimate the look of your house, the choice of the technique used for its installation is the subject of an unavoidable process. Indeed, once you decide to install a parquet floor to decorate your interior, three main strategies are available to you. You can choose to install flooring that can

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  • Finding a professional for the installation of solid wood flooring 

    The selection of a floor covering for your interior is an essential step because it affects the decoration, insulation and comfort of your home. Among the wide variety of current trends: parquet is the leading installation for an aesthetic, durable and at the same time resistant floor. As well as being available in several versions, the floor has no trouble

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  • Laying a rough floor

    Feel like bringing a touch of originality to your house? You need to cover your floor with a rough floor. This is a solid floor sold rough planed, without any addition of finishing products such as oil, stain or varnish. This type of flooring is particularly advantageous and can be easily applied to different types of decor. Aesthetic and resistant

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  • Installation of clic flooring

    In search of a covering that will enhance the style of your interior? It’s time for you to select a click floor. It is a floor covering that blends perfectly into the overall decor and is beneficial in many ways. Provided of course that it is installed in accordance with the quality and safety standards required in the construction and

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  • Installing commercial flooring 

    Do you have a commercial property? You wish to install a floating floor? Be it for a condo, a multi-dwelling unit, a store, a gym or other, a few factors must be taken into account to make sure you choose the right floor model. In fact, it is clear that the floor you will have to install in your business

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  • Installing hardwood flooring

    For a long time, hardwood has been known as the material that adorns all living spaces in the home. Providing a charming and rustic touch, this type of flooring is much valued in old homes as well as in modern style homes. Quebec residents are especially fond of this flooring. This is due to the countless advantages offered by hardwood

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  • Installing soft wood flooring

    Flooring is a fundamental step in the construction or renovation of a house. Useful for aesthetic as well as practical reasons, a good floor covering is for you the assurance of a sublime and durable floor. Are you planning to install a soft wood floor in your home? You surely have an eye for quality! Note, however, that it is

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