Give life back to your wooden railing!

A “wood railing” is much more than a simple guardrail; it magnifies the space that it occupies, and it’s a key element in your interior design. Of course, your banister must harmonize with your overall décor and respect its aesthetics.

Our great practice is put to work for your wood railing project and will transform it into this unique reality that will seduce you.

Browse through our wide selection of colours and choose the stain that you’d like to apply to your railings. It’s important that your railing and all the elements of your wood staircase –whether it’s spiral, winding, with flights, or straight – match your tastes precisely. Your railing is your signature, so choose it in your image!

Don’t hesitate to opt for originality and give free rein to your imagination; anything is possible, and together, we’ll collaborate to design a wood railing that suits you. Together, we’ll give birth to your masterpiece!

Go about your business in peace. The turnkey approach that we offer you lets us ensure the progress of the sanding and finishing work on your wooden railing.


Custom solutions for your railing

Railing restoration is a complex job that demands to be entrusted to tradespeople. As master sanders, lacquerers, and painters, we don’t just improvise, and only our professionals can offer you exceptional-quality service.

To carry out this high-precision work, we detach the different pieces that make up your railing and individually strip, sand, stain, seal, and varnish them, either on site or in our workshop. Then, we reinstall your hardwood railing.

The metamorphosis is incredible, and you’ll have a railing before your eyes that will leave you speechless: a one-of-a-kind banister with a unique character that will meet your expectations in every respect. Your staircase will reveal a specific personality that you’ll have chosen from among our full range of specialized services: lacquered staircaseoiled staircase, varnished staircase… in addition to our artisanal creations: lacquered, painted, varnished, oiled, or stained balusters and lacquered, varnished, oiled, or stained posts…

Do you have an idea in mind? Contact us to learn about the range of solutions that we have to offer you.

Professionals in wood railing finishing

Our railing finishes carried out with a paint gun offer unprecedented results. If you want to update your railing, we offer customized service. Our painters will come right to your house, by appointment, to carry out the painting or lacquering of your risers, false stringers, doors, or woodwork… At L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, we leave nothing to chance; each component of your railing is carefully inspected before being reinstalled.

Our services are highly personalized, and that’s precisely how our company sets itself apart. Take advantage of free estimates, and benefit from expert advice on the restoration of your hardwood floors and railings.

We’re committed to providing you with a pleasant experience. Come meet our team of professionals who are passionate about design and steeped in creativity.