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Ecology First!

Choosing hardwood flooring has many advantages that make it an option to consider for flooring, whether residential or commercial. Wood is a well-known material in the construction and renovation industry.

Popular for the past few decades, choose a hardwood floor as among the best residential flooring for its multiple species and undeniable advantages. This all-natural wood is an elegant product that will undoubtedly add value to any home.

Hardwood is an accessible raw material that is renewable and promotes atmospheric cleanliness through photosynthesis. In addition, to make a good environmental choice, a multitude of natural water-based finishes without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are available on the market. It reduces the negative impacts on air quality, health, and the environment.

In addition, this natural, healthy wood has little or no pollutant emissions. It is easy to recycle and maintain because its smooth surface does not retain dust or allergens.

This is a truly ecological choice commonly made by Quebec’s ecological wood experts. Hardwood floors are durable and highly recommended for their performance and respect for the forests.

The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

There are several advantages that make hardwood flooring a preferred material in homes. Beyond its style, comfort, timelessness, and warmth, wood has practical benefits that cannot be denied.

It is a particularly suitable material for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Unlike carpet, its hard, compact, and smooth surface prevent dust particles or residues from sticking to the floor. It is easy to remove excess dust from the floor surface with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, some wood species are particularly rot-proof, preventing bacteria’s proliferation.

Wood flooring maintenance is also effortless to do. All you need is the right floor cleaner for your type of finish (varnish or oil). Use a mop and dip it lightly in a mixture of soap and water, but wring it out well before spreading it on the floor. The water should not remain in contact with the wood for too long!

A hardwood floor adds value to your home. Indeed, buyers place a lot of importance on the floor when shopping for a property. Flooring renovations are often a hassle and sometimes require time away from home.

Therefore, for newcomers, having wood floors in good condition represents an added value during the transaction. In addition, a beautiful wood floor will revamp the style of your home!

Long-term Maintenance of Hardwood Floors

In the long term, you will have to continue to maintain your floor properly with a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a specific cleaner for your finish, and a little water. However, this cleaning technique does not prevent wear and tear from forming.

Therefore, over the years, you will need to make small renovations in order to maintain an optimal protective layer. This protective layer is very important because it protects the wood from external aggressions such as water, scratches, etc.

Normally, a varnish finish will last between 10 and 15 years, while an oil finish will require occasional oiling in worn areas.

Choose a Hardwood Floor Perfectly

Finally, if you decide to install a new hardwood floor, you’ll need to store around and educate yourself. To make an ecological choice, choose local wood species instead of exotic ones to avoid the pollution caused by transportation. Then, the choice of variants will depend on your tastes, such as color, the width of the strips, grade, and decoration.

However, hardwood flooring is a really interesting solution because it can last for several decades. To do so, you can sand it lightly when necessary and well maintained over the years.