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What is a White Oak Floor?

When building or renovating your home or condo, you are looking for finishes that highlight design, functionality and style. It’s no surprise that white oak hardwood floors remain one of the best flooring choices for luxury homes. The white oak flooring offers exceptional quality and a high-end look that homeowners love.

Although there are two main types of oak flooring, white oak and red oak, white oak flooring is usually an unusual choice as it is expensive. However, red oak flooring is a more common and much more affordable choice. You should know that a white oak floor costs one and a half to two times more than a red oak floor.

The choice of a white oak floor gives you great flexibility as to the number of colors and finishes available. You can choose to dye your floor in white oak based on your decorating and style preferences. Or choose to leave your floor dye-free, so the lightness of the white oak wood will add a relaxed and bright touch to your space.

It is known that white oak has less grain than other woods, which makes it feel more modern and less traditional. Overall, the seeding in the wood is smoother and the flow is more uniform. If you opt for a floor with wide planks, which is highly sought after, it will also look very polished and will take the natural beauty of the wood when it is white oak. However, if the planks are wider than 4″ 1/4, one should turn to a white oak engineered floor.

Pros and cons of a white oak floor

If you are looking for an attractive and durable hardwood for your home, the white oak floor should suit you. White oak flooring gives your space a timeless, attractive and luxurious atmosphere, while remaining more affordable than exotic or rare wood species.

In addition, the white oak floor is known for its durability, which is an important factor when installed in a high-traffic area. Its ability to withstand the daily wear and tear of life makes it an ideal choice for family homes and office or business spaces. White oak floors are also a good choice for kitchens and entry areas most exposed to traffic.

White oak floors also look more uniform and subtler because they are closed grain wood. White oak is often used when installing chevron flooring (Herringbone). This ornamental pattern consists of an arrangement of rectangles with different variations, named Herringbone in English because of its resemblance to the edges of a fish, such as herring.

In addition, white oak flooring is a profitable investment because of its durability and its ability to instantly increase the value of your home. In addition, white oak hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options available if you want to invest in solid wood, while respecting your renovation budget.