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Dust-free lacquered railing sanding

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders offer you dust-free lacquered railing sanding that exceeds industry standards to restore your old stairs and to help enhance the natural character of your flooring.

Whether it’s a damaged, discoloured, scratched, or nicked railing, the dust-free sanding carried out with precision by our master sanders can restore your wood railing of all sorts, whether it’s lacquered, oiled, or varnished.

We’re equipped with the best cutting-edge equipment and tools in the field, and we sand your lacquered railings with a great deal of care to restore the natural beauty of the wood, contribute to the new style, and give warmth to any type of interior. We support you throughout the sanding & renovation work on your white lacquered railings by advising you to choose the best products on the market. We offer you all the choices as soon as possible.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders in lacquered staircase sanding for three generations offer you customized dust-free lacquered railing sanding. Our revolutionary, sophisticated sanding equipment allows us to eliminate these disadvantages and the expenses that inevitably arise from them.

For over 30 years, we’ve been experts in the dust-free sanding of railings, whether they’re hardwood, red oak, white oak, white ash, birch, or maple. If you need professional sanding service for your white lacquered railings, the highly qualified artisans at L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal will come directly to your home, by appointment, to carry out the painting or lacquering of your choice.

Sablage rampe escaliers blanc laque à Montréal, Laval, Rive Sud, Rive Nord

Lacquering your railing in white


Before lacquering your wood railing, we begin by applying a white acrylic undercoat. Then, we let dry for almost 3 hours and sand carefully to achieve a smooth surface. To finish, we use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth to remove all the dust.

Before applying the lacquer, we make sure that the lacquered wood railings are dry and impeccably clean. Then, we sand well to remove all the previous finishes; that way, we repair all the defects or cracks in the wood. We carry out a final sanding of the railings with fine-grit

sandpaper, not forgetting to vacuum the railings to remove the dust from the sanding. Once the railings are clean and smooth, with the lacquer roller, we apply the first coat to the flat parts, stretching as far as possible. The goal is to achieve the thinnest possible layer.

After that, we let dry for 12 to 24 hours, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, we sand this layer with very fine-grit sandpaper and dust. We apply a second coat of undiluted lacquer, always in the thinnest possible layer.

Finally, we smooth the entire surface from bottom to top with the spalter. A third coat may be necessary. In this case, we repeat the last few steps.

Let dry for a week before touching or leaning on the freshly lacquered railings.


To bring a contemporary touch to your interior style, bright lacquered wood is a choice that will meet your expectations. But be careful: cleaning lacquered wood railings isn’t as simple as you might think. The lacquer is fragile and easily scratched. When cleaning and caring for railings, there are some precautions that should be taken.

How do you clean lacquered railings? A smooth and refined white lacquered wood staircase blends in perfectly with all styles of décor, both classic and modern. Bright lacquered wood brings a little contemporary touch to every interior style.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders recommend cleaning and caring for your lacquered wood railings with soap specially designed for this purpose.