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Ash is a fantastic wood and gives beautiful results for hardwood floors. With its colours ranging from creamy white to golden shades to dark brown, white ash floors will give your home warmth and a rustic look.

What is a White Ash Floor

The white ash floor has a pronounced oak-like grain pattern that will be accentuated by the application of darker floor dyes. With its strong grain pattern, the white ash floor hides well natural imperfections and scratches, and bumps are less visible than with other species.

Ash wood is beautiful in its natural colour, although it is coloured in a dark hue most of the time. Its color changes moderately over time to become orange. In its natural tones, ash has a color ranging from pale straw to a brown hue, contrasting with the pink hue of red oak, knowing that red oak flooring is the most common oak flooring on the market to date.
It is not to mention that high-growth rings are the highlight of any ash floor.

With professional finishing techniques, white ash floors can be dyed in different colors. Therefore, if you find a color that meets your decorating needs, call on hardwood flooring experts to be fully satisfied with the result.

However, having a hardwood floor in ash can be something rare over time. Ash trees are now threatened by the emerald ash borer. This insect is destroying ash trees and the affected area continues to expand.

Pros and cons of a white ash floor

The white ash floor is very hard, durable and flexible. It is reputed to have good shock resistance. This means that ash flooring is a great option for homeowners with pets, children, an active lifestyle or for anyone who doesn’t want to worry unnecessarily about their floors. White ash floors should be installed wherever you want, whether it’s in your business, home or condo. It can be installed even in high-traffic areas, shops or restaurants.

White ash floors are known to have good shock resistance and the price of these traditional wood floors ranges from $4 to $7/square foot, depending on the grade. Thus, the white ash floor represents an excellent investment with its good value for money.

The white ash wood floor has a modern and bright look with its bright light hue and beautiful grain. Moreover, ash wood floors are a reliable substitute for more traditional oak floors. In fact, most people would not see a difference between the two wood species when they are colored.

In addition, white ash wood is very hard and resistant, and is one of the most valuable hardwood species. However, following exposure to intense light, white ash floors may show significant yellowing. To do this, most hardwood flooring manufacturers add a UV protective agent to the finishes to slow down the color change.