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You want to redo or install a new floating floor in your basement? You have no idea what type of membrane to use to provide perfect protection against humidity? Choosing the right membrane for your basement floor is no easy task. In fact, it is important to find a high quality vapor barrier film in order to preserve the beauty of your basement floor. It remains to be seen what type of membrane to adopt for a basement that is as watertight as it is practical. This article will help you choose the right membrane for your basement floor.

Reasons to Install a Membrane for Your Basement Floor

First and foremost, zoom in on the uses of a membrane for your basement floor. Basements are rooms that are much more humid than the upper floors of a house. This is especially due to the relatively high humidity level of the ground layers just below. It is therefore essential to control the humidity that can reach your floor. The goal is to maintain the beauty of your flooring at all costs. More seriously, when your flooring is in direct and permanent contact with a humid source, it can quickly take on a whole new look in addition to deteriorating more quickly and thus losing its durability. In this case, the installation of an acoustic membrane for your basement floor is essential.

Membrane for your basement floor: Tips for choosing the right membrane?

Finding the right acoustical membrane to install in your basement floor is obviously not an easy thing. For the simple and good reason that this type of device is proposed in very large numbers on the market. To do so, remember to keep yourself informed about the type of your basement floor first. Depending on the model of your basement floor, you will have to choose the appropriate acoustic membrane. Next, you must opt for a high quality, perfectly resistant acoustic membrane to be sure you are using an effective and practical product for your basement. A way to keep both the aesthetic aspect and the durability of your basement floor.

Since we’re talking about a basement floor, it’s also important to always choose a membrane that is perfectly able to resist humidity. It is important to note that the quality of a membrane with a vapor barrier is calculated in PERM. It is more specifically a measure that calculates the amount of water or vapor emission that penetrates a membrane. As much as possible, it is therefore advisable to use a vapour barrier membrane with a PERM of 1 and less. This will adequately protect your basement floor from humidity.

For your information, products with a PERM of 1 PERM and less can control water vapor emissions of less than 3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. Above 3 lbs of water vapor diffusion, you must adopt specialty products to modify the excessive humidity of your structure. Don’t forget to choose a quality membrane at the best price for your own good and that of your floor covering. In short, always remember to consider these different factors before purchasing the membrane that will protect your basement floor.

The best acoustic membrane for your basement floor

The best way to make sure you use a high-performance acoustic membrane for your underground floor is to choose a thermo-acoustic membrane. This is a piece of equipment that has an aluminized vapor barrier film to effectively control the humidity level of your floor. Also serving as protection for your floating floor, the vapor barrier membrane speculates ambient heat and blocks the cold coming from the concrete slab in your basement. The goal is to offer your floor the possibility to keep a certain level of heat for a better comfort. Moreover, the acoustic properties of this type of vapour barrier membrane serve to optimize comfort in the room by creating a muffled atmosphere.