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Wood parquet is best for its robustness and its warm aesthetics. Such floor covering is suitable for living rooms where we enjoy spending time. Now, which type of bedroom flooring to choose depends on many factors.

What Type of Bedroom Flooring to Choose

Parquet Models Suitable for Bedroom Floor ing 

Different parquet models are suitable for bedroom flooring. The varieties vary according to the type of wood, finishes, or color. There are three types of flooring:

  • Solid parquet is one of the most suitable parquet models for your bedroom floor. Because it is made of 100% wood, it is a very authentic type of parquet, resistant but also very aesthetic. Its only disadvantages are the complexity of laying the coating and its sensitivity to humidity.
  • Another option is that of laminated parquet, which is not made from wood but imitates the material. It is made of paper and coated with resin. Because it is the most affordable of the three parquet types, it is becoming more and more common.
  • There is also the engineered floor. It is made of a real wood base, plywood, and a veneer glued to the base. Its main advantage is its stability.
  • The last type of coating is not made of wood but vinyl. It is economical, durable, and simple to install. The soft and warm floor also provides higher comfort for your feet than wood.

Parquet Finishes and Colors for a Bedroom Flooring

Once you have chosen your type of parquet, you will need to choose its colour. But before that, if you have opted for a raw floor, you will have to choose its finish. Indeed, we must always protect a raw floor, in which case it will tarnish and stain. The finishes are already done in the factory for the other parquet floors. You will not need to think about it. Here are the 2 choices available to you regarding the finish of your unfinished floor:

  • The first possibility of finishing is its varnishing. This finish facilitates the regular maintenance of your floor and also prevents scratches while providing a glossy or matte finish according to your taste.
  • The other finishing option for your unfinished floor is oiled flooring, particularly using natural oils that are healthy for you and the environment. Aesthetically, this finish offers genuine authenticity to your floor while facilitating maintenance. However, maintenance must be done regularly.

At the same time as the finish comes the time to choose the colour of the wood shades. As far as colours are concerned, there are a lot of them! While the lighter wood colours will brighten up your room, the darker ones will bring warmth and a more contemporary effect if a nice decoration accompanies the coating.


The Advantages of Wood Parquet Flooring in the Bedroom

One of the best types of flooring for a bedroom is wood parquet. It is robust and durable and has a warm and inviting aesthetic that makes it perfect for spaces where you spend a lot of time. However, there are many types of parquet to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide which is suitable for your bedroom.

Different Types of Parquets Suitable for Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing a type of parquet for your bedroom, there are several options to consider. The first type is solid parquet, which is made from 100% wood and is both authentic and resistant. However, it can be challenging to install and is sensitive to humidity. Another option is laminated parquet, which is made from paper and resin and is more affordable than solid parquet. Engineered flooring, which is made from a natural wood base, plywood, and a veneer, is also a popular choice for bedrooms because of its stability. Lastly, vinyl parquet is an economical and durable option that is easy to install and provides a comfortable and warm surface for your feet.

Parquet Finishes and Colors for a Bedroom Flooring

Once you’ve chosen the type of parquet you want for your bedroom, it’s time to think about the color and finish. If you’ve chosen a raw floor, you’ll need to decide on a finish to protect it from stains and scratches. For other types of parquet, the finish is already done in the factory, and you don’t need to worry about it. The two main options for finishes are varnishing and oiling.

Varnishing is a good choice for ease of maintenance and a glossy or matte finish, while oiling offers authenticity and a natural look but requires more regular maintenance. There are many options to choose from when it comes to color, from light wood shades that brighten up a room to darker shades that add warmth and a contemporary look.


What Type of Bedroom Flooring to Choose

L’Artisan du Plancher Offers the Best Parquet

Whatever your choice of type, color, and finish of your parquet floor, it is a very popular element within a bedroom. Choosing a parquet for a bedroom has many advantages. It is particularly a durable coating because it is very robust. It is easily removable, and one can also quickly change its appearance. Its appearance can easily be associated with any decoration, and you can choose very charming types of wood if your room is not a place of intense passage.

Finally, it is particularly suitable for people with allergies to certain floor coverings, such as carpets for example. Therefore, L’Artisan du Plancher offers the best bedroom flooring according to your demand.