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Are you having trouble choosing the floor that best suits the style of your interior? Know that choosing the ideal floor to carry out your renovation or floor change project is not just a matter of the color of your floor. In fact, many materials can be used to enhance the look of your room. Wood being the most advantageous material thanks to its warm, unique character and suitable for all styles of architecture and decoration deserves special attention. Like floating parquet, one of the variations of wood flooring that allows you to obtain floor coverings that are as aesthetic as they are trendy. But first, it is important to entrust its installation to true specialists in the field. Find more details in this article.

All there is to know about floating flooring

Floating parquet generally owes its name to its installation technique. By definition, it is a floor covering that is not laid directly on the floor, but rather on top of an existing material in a floating manner. More particularly, floating parquet is an installation that is installed without fixing and therefore does not require the use of nails or glues. Although very simple to install, it is still advisable to seek the services of professional installers of floating parquet for a safe and aesthetic result.

Reasons to choose floating flooring installation

Floating parquet is a floor covering that is increasingly appreciated by homes with an original, modern and stylish look. Adopting this type of flooring in the floor of your rooms is actually an opportunity for you to enjoy a multitude of advantages. Floating flooring is a floor covering made from different types of wood, to begin with. Thanks to its upper part made of noble wood, this type of flooring is therefore only made of natural, ecological and high quality materials. Depending on your tastes and wishes, it is up to you to choose between the various noble wood species to cover the wear layer of your parquet floor. With the multitude of finishes that a floating parquet floor offers, you will have no difficulty in finding the model that best enhances the appearance and modernity of your floor.

Floating parquet also has the advantage of being sold at a lower price than a solid wood floor, for example. It is also an easy to install and maintain floor covering. This type of flooring is advantageous from many points of view, but it also has a few drawbacks that should not be taken lightly. It is a parquet floor with a shorter lifespan in comparison to other models. Also, quite sensitive to movement and impact noise, this type of floor covering also does not insulate well. This is why it is important to use high quality insulation when installing floating parquet.

To whom should you entrust the installation of floating parquet

So, you will have understood that floating parquet is an especially advantageous floor covering. However, to make sure you benefit from all its particularities, it is very important to entrust its installation to real professionals in the field. For this reason, our store located in Montreal offers its services to meet your expectations. Made up of craftsmen skilled in the installation of floating flooring, our service department serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval will take to heart to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

For a rendering that meets your requirements, our qualified craftsmen will mainly use finely selected and superior quality parquet strips. This will allow you to benefit from an aesthetic, durable and resistant floor. Our store opens its doors during business hours, so do not hesitate to contact our craftsmen to make the installation of your floating floor a total success.