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Water-Based Latex Varnish 

It can sometimes be hard to choose the best varnish to protect your wood floor. The mission of L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is to offer you the best products from among the water-based varnish manufacturers. That’s why we’ve identified the manufacturers that produce the most effective varnishes in the entire industry. Here, you’ll find trusted suppliers that meet the highest standards of varnish production. For each product, we also carefully suggest retailers who will assist you in finding the varnish that best suits your needs. A varnished floor adds value to your property. As dust-free floor sanding specialistswe believe that you deserve top-quality varnishes. Our honesty towards our customers has contributed to our position as a current industry leader. Contact us! Our courteous and professional staff will be pleased to guide you in your project. 

Bona offers reliable products that are compatible with each other 

Bona water-based varnishes will provide beauty and durability to your floors. Bona is a water-based varnish manufacturer that has specialized in the flooring industry for over 100 years. This company is renowned for considering the floor in its entirety, so that their products are perfectly compatible with one another – from installation to protection, and from maintenance to renovation – in order to optimize and guarantee lasting results. It’s a pleasure to work with Bona Novia, Bona Mega, and Bona Traffic HD varnishes, because the finishes achieved with these products are always satisfying. To date, with their unique system and local/global presence, they’re an innovative leader in the field of water-based varnishes. Since its creation in 1919, through subsidiaries and distributors, Bona is now present in over 50 countries. 

The Bona line of varnishes makes our customers happy due to their high resistance to abrasion and scratches, but primarily due to their eco-friendly formula and the absence of toxic fumes. Bona Traffic HD water-based varnish is one of the most highly recommended varnishes on the market for its impressive resistance. Our customers, who live in the MontréalLaval, and Longueuil areas, are generally looking for the best products, and they’re always satisfied when we do the finish with a Bona product. That’s why they also appreciate their cleaning products in order to properly preserve the vitrified finish of the floor and thereby increase its lifespan. Bona makes everything you need to make your job easier! 

Bona fabricant vernis à base d'eau



Bona Traffic HD vernis à l'eau pour plancher

Find a Bona water-based varnish retailer 

Here’s a list of Bona water-based varnish retailers:  

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Accessories and solutions for floors from Finitec Canada 

finitec fabricant vernis eau

Finitec is a leader in the field of accessories and solutions for floors. Innovation has been at the heart of our success since 1993! Our know-how, our high-quality products, and the passion of our team have allowed us to acquire the recognition of the industry. We distribute our products through a vast network of hardware stores, paint shops, and wood flooring specialists. Our distribution network extends across North America.” – Finitec 


Produits Finitec Planchers

Find a Finitec water-based varnish retailer:  
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SamaN water-based varnishes: “Being green is natural for us” 

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Among water-based varnish manufacturers, SamaN is a Québec-based company. For the past 15 years, SamaN has strived to maintain its reputation as an innovator by developing cutting-edge products. It’s been able to stand out from the competition by offering high-quality eco-friendly varnishes. Since its creation, SamaN has always put its customers at the heart of its concerns, and that’s why it’s so successful today. 

The contribution of a whole team of passionate professionals has raised SamaN up as a leader in the field of eco-friendly varnishes in the North American market. The combination of all these elements means that SamaN regularly establishes new environmental standards in the industry. 

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Find a SamaN water-based varnish retailer 

SamaN products are sold at the following retailers: 

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Carver 1957 – 2014: over fifty years of quality 

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Carver is an Italian company that’s been well established since 1957. It specializes in hardwood and softwood floor installation and treatment products. Over the course of more than half a century of existence, Carver has accumulated a wealth of experience and professionalism, which allows it today to assert itself as a reliable and qualified partner for even the most demanding customers. This company is one of the largest and most recognized in the industry in Italy. Carver has also established itself on many European and international markets among water-based varnish manufacturers. Its success hinges on its commitment to producing high-quality coatings. Carver also offers excellent technical support for its constantly growing clientele. 

Find a Carver water-based varnish retailer: 

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