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Walnut engineered hardwood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners in Canada. You’ll be captivated by its distinctive grain, gorgeous color variations and sophisticated style. The walnut floor offers all the benefits of engineered wood and the beauty of traditional hardwood floors.

What is a walnut engineered floor?

Walnut-engineered wooden flooring brings timeless and versatile beauty to your home. This classic hardwood floor will enhance your space with its right grain patterns and dynamic tones.

The walnut engineered hardwood floors are simply gorgeous with an amazing grain and color. Although its natural colours vary considerably from light brown to chocolate brown on a same plank, walnut wood is best known for its darker appearance, ranging from rich brown and golden to almost purple, with darker swirls and veins, which gives it a distinctive beauty.

Native to Central Asia, Europe, Brazil and the United States, walnut has a fine grain, mainly straight, which sometimes presents attractive and decorative figures. This essence is easy to treat to obtain a specific and unique identity.

Walnut engineered floors really captivate by their gorgeous appearance and by the way they add some touch of luxury to your home.

Certainly, walnut is an excellent canvas for a wide range of looks, ranging from traditional smooth floors to rustic and hand-scraped textures. Its swirling and contrasting grain stands out behind its natural colour. Indeed, the most popular range of walnut engineered floors is American black walnut.

Pros and cons of a walnut engineered floor

With its exotic appearance, walnut is fantastic in most homes. Walnut engineered floors undoubtedly add value to your home, it goes without saying that walnut is one of the most coveted wood species in the world.

However, walnut is a naturally softer hardwood, so it is important to consider the volume of circulation in the room where you plan to install it. However, it is possible to influence the durability of walnut flooring, especially by considering the level of protection offered by the finish. Opt for a powerful, scratch-resistant finish that makes your walnut floors twice as hard as traditional hardwoods.

Many styles of walnut floors are made of engineered wood, with its multi-layered construction that allows it to be installed on most sub-floors. Walnut engineered floors are an excellent choice for a visually designed level-headed. In addition, the color of walnut gives an exceptional appearance to your floor. If you are looking for an attractive hardwood floor, walnut engineered flooring is an ideal choice. In addition, there are many types and styles, which really gives you a flexible choice when it comes to your décor.