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Choosing the right flooring is never easy for homeowners with construction in progress or plans to change floors. Today we’re going to talk about Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) vinyl or stone dust composite vinyl. This type of flooring is considered the upgraded version of engineered vinyl flooring. It is distinguished in particular by its rigidity and its solid polymer core. Discover in this guide how to choose the right vinyl flooring.


SPC vinyl flooring at a glance

The SPC vinyl floor is constructed with high temperature calcined stone powder and PVC resin. Thanks to its modernity, its solidity and its accessible price to all, it does not cease making followers. Its polymer core is stronger than that of its counterpart, the WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) vinyl floor. Its upper vinyl layer is thinner for more stability. This layer is directly fused and not glued or nailed to the core.


No glue or other substances are therefore used for the synthesis of stone powder and PVC resin. In addition, the formaldehyde content of SPC vinyl is significantly lower than the national standard of formaldehyde floor standard. The presence of stone in its composition makes this type of soil a flame retardant.


The criteria for choosing an SPC vinyl floor

Now that you have discovered or rediscovered the composition and the greatest advantages of Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring, let’s move on to the selection criteria to consider before buying one for your home or professional building. Although SPC vinyl flooring is generally solid, some manufacturers are more picky than others in their manufacturing process. It is therefore important to check the following points to be sure you have a high quality floor.

The reliability of SPC vinyl flooring

How to know if an SPC vinyl floor is reliable or not. By ensuring that it has successfully passed the mandatory national tests and certification. There must be one or a few documents attesting to this fact. You can call on an expert such as the installer of your choice to help you on this fairly technical point. This is the very first criteria to check and make no compromises in this regard as the strength and durability of your SPC vinyl flooring will greatly depend on it.


For example, EU security certification, ecological environmental certification, SGS international authority certification are strict standards applicable in France and in almost all other countries of the world. Make sure that the floor has passed the tests imposed by national regulations with flying colors before moving on to the other selection criteria.


Physical and chemical performance indicators

Before purchasing SPC vinyl flooring, it is also advisable to pay special attention to physical and chemical performance indicators. This is also a fairly technical check, you can ask a professional or a connoisseur to accompany you. Be aware that the flooring should not be offered for sale before you pass specific sampling inspections. It is therefore the duty of the manufacturer to offer its customers products that meet all regulatory requirements.


Check consistency of specifications and sizes

To be sure of acquiring good quality flooring, you have to be very careful about the uniformity of specifications and sizes. To do this, you must first know the different layers that make up an SPC vinyl floor:


  • – The transparent wear layer at the top, it protects the floor from scratches and stains, it also makes cleaning easier;
  • – The vinyl layer which plays a big role in the aesthetics of the board since the colors and patterns of the coating are printed on it;
  • – The SPC layer or the dense and waterproof core of the board, it gives stability and rigidity to the ground.
  • – The base layer made of cork foam or ethylene vinyl acetate foam (EVA) which provides sound insulation and cushioning of the floor.


The size and thickness of each of these layers must meet national requirements. Otherwise, your floor may warp, or even crack very quickly.

The quality of raw materials

Now is the time to check the quality of the raw materials used and the manufacturing process in general. The most used basic materials from manufacturers are new and recycled materials. And a good quality SPC vinyl floor is always made with new material, the elasticity of which is still there. Thus, it cannot be easily deformed by humidity and it will not shrink during cold periods.


The quality of the appearance of the floor

As with any product, the design and aesthetics of the vinyl floor reflect its quality in general. In any case, even if the strength and resistance of the floor covering are crucial, you have to think about the appearance because it will have a big impact on your interior decor. So we recommend that you take the time to determine what you really want in terms of decoration. Furthermore, the quality of the finish is just as important as the quality of the material itself. Both will greatly affect the life of your SPC vinyl flooring.


The manufacturer of vinyl flooring SPC

If the criteria mentioned below seem too technical or too numerous, you can save time by choosing a product from a recognized brand with a good reputation. This is the guarantee of an excellent choice because a quality manufacturer will do everything necessary to satisfy its customers and thus preserve its brand image. How to recognize a reliable brand of SPC vinyl flooring? By consulting online reviews, using word of mouth, asking an expert for advice. Then you can go to the site of the most reputable manufacturers to see the models of SPC vinyl flooring they offer.


The price of SPC vinyl flooring

Obviously, the cost of the floor covering remains a criterion not to be neglected because you certainly have a budget to respect. The surface of the floor to be coated must also be taken into account. Anyway, it is better to prioritize the quality of the floor even if for that, it is necessary to slightly exceed the budget. The price for a quality vinyl floor is between $ 2.50 and $ 4 per square foot. You can also consult a reliable comparison for a better overview of the expenses to be made. The goal is not to buy the cheapest stone dust composite floor, but to find the product that will give you the best value for money.

Why choose SPC vinyl flooring?

SPC vinyl flooring is the product of fairly advanced technology. It is a modern rigid floor whose installation requires no glue or nails. Just click on the boards and you will have a nice floating floor that will withstand all aggressions for years. As already mentioned before, its rigid core makes it very stable and durable.


Stone dust composite vinyl floors are not only popular with homeowners as they are also gaining ground in the corporate world. In this case, its many advantages do not go unnoticed. In particular, it is very easy to install either on the sub-floor or on the existing floor. It is very resistant to changes in temperature and remains stable despite extreme cold or heat.


An SPC vinyl floor is also waterproof and made of a layer that effectively resists wear. It therefore adapts to all types of places, even those where the risks of early wear are very present. In addition, it is suitable for all rooms in the house: the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom and the bathroom. In addition, it is very easy to maintain. If you are looking for a floor covering that is both aesthetic and resilient, vinyl dust composite stone flooring is what you need. Colors and patterns are your choice. You can therefore choose according to your preferences: trends, classes, sober, etc.

The other advantage that continues to appeal to homeowners is the very affordable price of SPC vinyl flooring. Unlike laminate, marble, and ceramic tile, it contains less formaldehyde and flame retardancy. We also appreciate its lightness, elasticity and absorbent properties.