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If you find that the floor in your house has lost its shine, you can varnish it to bring out the beauty and richness of its wood and to protect it more. To get a professional result that will last a long time, do business with a specialized contractor with valuable expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

Key steps for varnishing your floor correctly

Before starting, take the time to choose the varnish that meets your needs the best from among the water-based, alcohol-based, and oil-based varnishes, etc. However, you should know that, in recent decades, alcohol and oil-based varnishes have lost their popularity due to their toxicity and fumes, which are dangerous for your health and for the environment.

Begin by removing everything from the room where you’re going to work and clean your work area and floor well.

Then, lightly sand the surface, if necessary, and don’t forget to dust your floor well once you’re done. Once the floor is clean, run a damp cloth evenly across your floor in the same direction as the wood to open the pores of the wood and to allow the varnish to take hold better.

Consider shutting out all the air currents, which can move the dust around during the operation. Using the suitable applicator, begin by evenly applying the first layer of varnish, following the grain of the wood.

Work in sections for large surfaces and proceed in thin layers, while ensuring that there’s no excess. It’s best to start with the part of the room located furthest from the exit.

Let the varnish dry for the required time – as indicated by the manufacturer – before applying a second layer. And above all, be careful not to walk on the floors between the two layers.

Consider carefully polishing your floor with very fine sandpaper to smooth the surface. It’s worth noting that you should always clean the surface thoroughly and vacuum it to remove all the dust emitted during the sanding.

Apply the second layer of varnish following the same steps mentioned above to ensure a satisfying and lasting result. A good varnish will be able to highlight the beauty and character of your floor for years.

Let dry for at least 24 hours, and the next day, you’ll be able to walk on your floor again. Wait a week before putting your furniture back to preserve the finish of your floors longer, and take every precaution not to scratch the newly varnished floor.

Don’t hesitate to ask a specialized company in Montréal or the surrounding area for advice. Contact the specialists at L’Artisan du Plancher, who will be truly happy to advise you and to evaluate the necessary renovation work for your hardwood floors.