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The Type of Use of Varathane Varnish 

Varathane is an oil-based varnish primarily used to varnish floors in rental housing buildings located in the Greater Montréal areaIt’s a very cheap product that’s easy to apply. It can easily be found in most home renovation centres. It’s less resistant to wear than acrystal varnish,but it’s more flexible. It has the advantage of adapting to the movement of the wood.Varathanedoesn’t producethe block effect like its cousin, crystal varnish. When applying this product to a wood surface, it creates a thick plastic film that masks the grain of the wood. Homeowners appreciate it because it provides a glossy finish and gives the apartments a clean look. Furthermore, it’s only available in a glossy finish. Some dwellings may require a floor sanding once every five years, so many homeowners prefer to apply a cheap Varathane varnish rather than a high-end floor coating, which can cost up to eight times more. 

The Properties of Varathane Varnish 

Varathaneis an oil-based polyurethane that’s still widespread in the industry. It belongs to the family of oil-based varnishes. Its solvent is a powerful diluent derived from petrochemicals, which makes it a varnish that’s not eco-friendly. During application, Varathane varnish releases strong, toxic odours that require the use of a full mask, the relocation of the residents, and the removal of all the food. In addition, it contains a high proportion of resin (solid). It’s the vitrifying coating for hardwood that contains the highest percentage of solid material: about twice as much as water-based varnishesand 1.5 times as much as oil-based crystal. Its finish is thicker, and it provides a vitrified/plasticized look. Despite the thickness of the product and its low price, it’s not a varnish whose finish is made to last. If you’re looking for a more lasting varnish, you can get more information by consulting the table of the advantages and disadvantages of Varathane. 

New Trends in Floor Finishing 

Before making your choice, it’s best to learn about the different types of finishes for wood floors and to evaluate them based on your needs. More and more innovations have led to the emergence of new, efficient, eco-friendly products in the wood floor finishing sector. Water-based varnishes are an attractive option that’s gaining in popularity due to their many benefits. Many floor sanding and varnishing contractors now recommend using water-based varnishes for their quality, durability, and aesthetics. Outside the world of varnish, there are also natural oils that penetrate the grain of the wood without vitrifying it. Oiling a floor is the most eco-friendly solution on the market. No matter which finish you choose, the L’Artisan du Plancher team has the necessary specialization to do a quality job that will satisfy you. Contact us now or fill out our online quote form to get a free estimate.