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Hardwood flooring is a popular installation! Found throughout the interior of modern and practical homes, this type of flooring generally appeals for its beauty and durability. Available in a wide variety of designs, unvarnished wood flooring is one that especially brings out the unique and much-loved features of wood. It is a covering that, thanks to its different characteristics, allows a multitude of advantages to its followers. Find out which ones in this article.

Everything that characterizes unvarnished wood flooring

As its name suggests, unvarnished wood flooring is a floor covering sold either raw or oiled, and without the shadow of a varnish application. It is, so to speak, a floor model that is aimed at households that are not too fond of floors with a glossy varnish look. Being raw, a non-varnished wood floor is not only not oiled, but also not varnished when it leaves the factory. Once installed on your room’s floor, you can let your imagination run wild as to the type of product you will apply to its surface as a protective layer. Although often very sensitive to everyday stains and scratches, note that an unfinished wood floor is perfectly capable of providing the refined and unique look that your home needs.

If you are a fan of unvarnished floors, the trendy and irreversible beauty of oiled wood will not leave you indifferent. Unlike varnished finishes, oiled and unvarnished wood floors have a rather matte finish for a rustic and original look. Very advantageous in addition to being durable, this type of flooring brings a natural, warm, trendy and elegant atmosphere to your rooms. Especially since it is a floor that brings out the grain and beauty of the wood that makes it. For your desire for a sober floor, without reflections and perfectly capable of blending easily into the overall decor, know also that the unvarnished wood floor is a very cost-effective and interesting alternative.

Also, it is worth noting that unvarnished wood flooring is a floor model that has no toxic effects on the health of your home’s inhabitants. Also, if your floor is damaged, you can repair it yourself in no time and very easily. And last but not least, it is brought to your attention that unvarnished wood flooring is available in several species. To make sure you choose the model that will best match your interior design style, you can choose between oak, cherry, maple, ash and others for your unfinished wood flooring.

Finding the right unfinished wood flooring model

It’s hard to resist all the features of unfinished wood flooring. However, to ensure that you benefit from all its advantages, it is important to find the best model. To do this, nothing beats the support of real specialists in the field. By taking into account the criteria for choosing an unvarnished wood floor, such as the quality of the wood used in its design, the Janka score, the color you want for your floor and others, the advice of a professional in the field of floor covering will indeed be of great help. To avoid finding a counterfeit model or one that is not of the quality you are looking for, the best thing to do would be to ask your friends and family for recommendations or to consult the opinions left on forums. This way, you will have a better idea of which store you should go to for your new floor.

When it comes to installation, you are just as likely to rely on the best flooring experts. This is a way for you to guarantee the safety, longevity and final quality of your unvarnished wood floor. If it is installed according to the standards, you are likely to enjoy your floor for decades to come.