floor selector

1Types de plancher

Le type de plancher fait référence à la manière dont le plancher a été construit. En effet un plancher peut être conçu de diverses façons à partir de différents matériaux. Notre gamme complète de planchers vous permettent de choisir selon vos goûts et l'usage que vous souhaitez en faire. Pour de plus amples informations, consultez nos rubriques qui contiennent toutes les informations nécessaires pour faire un choix éclairé.


XEngineered wood floors bring beauty to your home, they are also solid and easy to maintain. Engineered hardwood has great stability that makes it a universal product that can be installed on all types of above or sloping subfloors, but be aware that there are standards to be met. Giving the same irresistible feel and unrivalled natural appearance, engineered wood is an excellent choice in most areas of the house. Engineered wood flooring is the most common type of parquet flooring in Europe and its popularity continues to grow in North America.

Solid hardwood

XHardwood flooring remains one of the best options for flooring in a home. For homeowners who want to add beauty, style, value and comfort to their home, the choice falls mainly on solid hardwood flooring.


XDecidedly, you can easily change the look of your home by placing new planks on existing flooring. In addition to their ease of installation, floating floors offer many other advantages. You can find a wide range of styles, colors and textures in flooring materials floating.


XVinyl floors are a very popular option for homeowners, especially in kitchen, basement and bathroom applications. Vinyl floors are water and stain-resistant, versatile and durable for the price. Thanks to the many advances made over the years, today’s vinyl floors have become more attractive and economical.

2Zones d'application

La zone d’application signifie simplement l’endroit où sera installé le nouveau plancher. En fonction du lieu d'installation, vous devrez judicieusement choisir le revêtement de plancher approprié. Avant l’installation de votre nouveau plancher, voici les facteurs à considérer : l’humidité relative et les variations de température et/ou d'ensoleillement. Ces critères sont essentiels car ils peuvent influencer la durabilité de votre plancher à plus ou moins long terme.

XFloor coverings for basements must be less sensitive to moisture. Among the floors proposed for this type of room, we have engineering floors and vinyl floors. Solid hardwood and laminate flooring can also be installed in a basement, provided that the necessary moisture tests are carried out before installation. You may need to install a membrane or subfloor before installing a more moisture-sensitive floor covering.
XEngineering floors are often used in condo spaces. By installing a floor of this type, you install a real layer of wood, which enhances the value of the condo. The engineered floor can be glued directly to the concrete or to a membrane. It can also be floating. Its main advantage is that it is no longer necessary to install plywood before installing it. You can have real hardwood without the need to nail it down and lose height. There are also economical solutions such as laminate floors and vinyl floors. In any case, it is prudent to check with your administrator or condo trustee to determine the soundproofing standards before considering installing your floor. If you do not follow this procedure, you may have to remove your floor that does not comply with the rules of co-ownership.
XOn the floor or ground floor, you can install all types of flooring available. However, make sure you always keep an adequate temperature and humidity and have the appropriate subfloor before installing your floor. Note that vinyl can deform when exposed to strong sunlight or high heat sources.


La teinte du plancher définit la couleur de teinture pouvant être appliquée sur le plancher, parmi l'éventail de possibilités qui s'offre à vous. Ce que l'on nomme " couleur du bois naturelle" est celle du bois sans teinture. Pour conserver la couleur naturelle, on applique simplement un vernis transparent sans aucune application de teinture. Les teintures de plancher les plus populaires sont le blanc, le brun, le rouge et le gris. Le plus important est de trouver la couleur qui correspond le mieux à vos goûts personnels.


XLight-coloured floors can be suitable for all types of decor because they blend easily into the decor without darkening it. Traces of dust or other stains are less visible on a light floor. It also has the advantage of making the rooms look larger and brings light to a darker room. It is an excellent choice if you want a versatile floor that will not go out of style over time and that you will not get tired of.


XMedium-coloured floors are well suited to most decorations. It is a good choice for a person who wants to enhance the look of their floor without over-darkening it. An average floor colour will be easier to maintain than a dark colour. A medium color will have the effect of making the grain of the wood uniform without giving the impression of shrinking your room.


XDark-coloured floors add richness and character to your room even if it tends to darken your space. Its maintenance is more difficult because the dust is more visible to the naked eye.