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For your research for a new floor that will enhance the style of your interior decoration, natural walnut parquet seems to be the aesthetic and practical solution. More and more popular in modern and chic homes, this type of flooring is generally appreciated for its high-end look and naturally beautiful color. In addition to being durable, natural walnut flooring is also a floor that harmonizes very easily with the overall decor. But not only that… In this article, discover everything that makes natural walnut flooring special.

What is a natural walnut floor?

By definition, natural walnut is a species of wood famous for its superior texture, which can range from dark brown to white. Composed of a closed grain and a smooth texture, the installation of this type of flooring is for you the promise of a floor that is pleasing to the eye and to your feet. With its appearance and the natural features of natural walnut flooring, this flooring is perfectly suited to bring the right touch of luxury and authenticity to your home or even your condos.

The natural walnut floor has a dark color and can be used in condominiums, on the first floor and on the upper floors. In other words, this type of flooring is suitable for almost every room in your home. In terms of width, natural walnut flooring also offers values ranging from 2 1/4″ or 57 mm, 3 1/4″ or 83 mm, 4 1/4″ or 108 mm to 5″ or 127 mm, which you can choose according to your desires and preferences.

Note that this model is the perfect choice for fireplaces looking for a classic, modern and yet rustic installation. The natural walnut floor in question is available in several grades. Namely Builder, Canadian Plus, Cottage, Natural, Select and Best. Ideal for domestic use, the 3/4″ thick natural walnut flooring also has a few lusters. You can choose between matte, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes to best complement the style of your room’s decoration.

Reasons for choosing a natural walnut flooring installation

As stated above, natural walnut is a species that stands out for its rich dark color. It owes its brighter aspect in particular to its natural look that remains intact. With its diffuse grain patterns, natural walnut flooring also brings an exotic look with a natural brown finish to your space. Note that this type of wood usually receives a satin finish to highlight its natural beauty as much as possible.

Its color is therefore the first element that distinguishes natural walnut flooring. Unlike the light-colored floors we are used to seeing, the heartwood of this type of flooring is a dark tawny brown, while the sapwood is stained a very luminous grayish white. Because of its varied colors, it is almost essential to apply a finish that will take up the rich natural brown color of this type of wood. This will ensure that your floor will not go unnoticed and that it will blend in with your decor.

You may also choose natural walnut flooring for the unparalleled stability it provides. Known as one of the most stable woods, walnut is ideal for use in rooms in your home where humidity is less well controlled than you would like. Especially in terms of hardness since natural walnut has a score of 1010 on the Janka hardness scale. Proof that natural walnut flooring is a profitable and durable investment over time. When walnut is subject to scratches, the imperfection is not at all apparent because of the dark color and dense texture of the wood.