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The family business L’Artisan du Plancher is your certified expert for their superior-quality floor sanding service, thanks to their over thirty years of experience, and backed by their undisputed professional approach.
We carry out the dust-free sanding of your hardwood floors, your floating floors, and your ancestral wood floors. We support you from the first steps of your renovation project until the very end of the work.
We offer you our services in Montréal, in Laval, on the North Shore, and on the South Shore. Trust your flooring work to a professional! For more information, we invite you to contact us or to request your free online quote.


Tigerwood is an exotic wood with a rich and contrasting appearance. Tigerwood is very hard and resists the test of time well, but it’s less sturdy than red oak wood.
Tigerwood has a straight and uniform grain. It’s a wood that offers a weak colour variation in the grain of the natural wood. It has a slight to pronounced contrast in tone between the slats. In addition, you can see the little knots as well as the natural stripe.
Tigerwood is popular for its beautiful colours, ranging from dark red-brown to dark red or orange-brown, interspersed with wide brown-black stripes, which is reminiscent of the tiger’s coat.
In addition, tigerwood is a resistant wood that’s installed in boards nailed preferably to the floor of the house. Its even colour throughout the thickness of the wood will make marks, scratches, and imperfections less visible.
Over the years, this exotic wood will reach maturation with a pronounced colour change, and its shade will darken. The stripes will therefore become less visible.

An eco-friendly finish for your tigerwood floors by experts!

In business for over 30 years, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal specializes in the sanding and lasting finish of all types of hardwood floors and staircases.
Thanks to our expertise and know-how inherited from family traditions for three generations, you’re no longer required to completely replace your damaged tigerwood floor. We carefully sand the tigerwood and repair all the damage caused by time and wear to breathe new life into your wood floors.
With L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you’re guaranteed to rediscover your clean and healthy hardwood floors thanks to our durable and ultra-resistant finish reinvented to suit all lifestyles.
Whether you want a semi-glossy tigerwood floor, a satin tigerwood floor, or a matte tigerwood floor, we guarantee that we’ll only apply natural, non-yellowing, top-of-the-line varnishes or oils in order to preserve the wood grain and ensure your well-being by keeping the environment healthy.

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