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Birch is a wood species known for its practicality and great resistance. It is also one of the materials most valued by furniture or parquet manufacturers for a quality floor for your house. Especially for the second possibility, rough cherry wood flooring is a floor covering for all those who are looking for an aesthetic and durable installation. Offering a number of advantages to its followers, this model of flooring is in fact available in a wide range of models and has no trouble blending in with the overall decor. If you would like to know more about this unique floor, please follow this article very carefully.

What is a rough cherry wood floor?

Birch by definition is the most valued solid Canadian wood for fireplaces looking for quality products at the best price. Resistant and at the same time timeless, a rough cherry wood floor is an installation that will accompany you for many years to come. With its ultra-natural finish and clean lines, this type of floor covering is perfectly able to bring the value that is missing from your interior decoration. It is suitable for all styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most contemporary, to adapt to your desires and taste.

Available in a wide variety of models, raw cherry wood flooring has no trouble adapting to your design choices. Especially since it can be installed in the different living areas of your home. At least, all those that are not in permanent contact with water or humidity since we are talking about wood flooring. Being a raw material, you also have the choice to apply a coat of varnish, oil or other on your cherry wood floor. This will allow you to adapt the color or style of your interior to that of your floor. Nevertheless, you can choose to leave your floor as it is, i.e., keep its raw appearance, by applying just a protection to optimize the longevity of your installation. Also, be advised that raw birch flooring is an ecological installation designed to do no harm to the environment, in addition to being accessible to all types of budgets.

How to select a professional for the installation of rough cherry wood flooring

In general, the installation of a rough cherry wood floor must be done by a true specialist in the field. A way for you to ensure the beauty, quality and durability of your floor. To make sure you are betting on the best installer, you should therefore take into account the professional status of the latter. Experience is also a decisive criterion in choosing the installer you will entrust with the realisation of your floor covering. If you make the error of going to a company with little experience in the field, you risk affecting the final look of your floor, or even compromising its stability and functionality.

Therefore, be sure to check the level of experience of your professional. To go even further, you may even ask for an image preview of his or her previous work. This will give you a first idea of the final appearance of your future rough cherry floor. If you are impressed by his work, remember his contact information for an interview in the coming days. Otherwise, go on your way and refer to another professional to try to find quality services at the best price.

A good reactivity sense in addition to a flawless availability should also be the responsibility of a professional in laying rough cherry wood flooring. Not to mention that a true specialist in this field is always attentive to all your requirements and your most distinguished expectations. And last but not least, always try to find a qualified installer who will be able to offer you services at a competitive price. That said, if you have trouble finding the right professional, you can always ask your family and friends for recommendations or on the forums dedicated to this purpose.