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A necessary underlayer

Whatever type of floor you’ve chosen as your flooring, a floating floor or an engineered floor, the subfloor – also known as the underlayer – is essential. It’s just as important as the upper layer for a comfortable and durable effect.

Several types of subfloors

There are several types of quality subfloors depending on the installation method of your floor and according to the needs of your building, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial building.

The advantages of professional installation

We also offer subfloor installation carried out quickly by our professional floor layers whose expertise and experience guarantee you:

  • – Thermal insulation that limits heat buildups and losses, as well as cold air drafts.
  • – Sound insulation to limit distracting noises as much as possible, such as the impacts of high heels on the floor, the impacts of objects likely to fall to the ground, or the sound of the resonance created by the void between the subfloor and the floor.
  • – A levelling of the floor that makes it possible to readjust the surface perfectly, thanks to a subfloor with levelling abilities that help rectify the slight unevenness of many floors to regain a smooth and – above all – even surface.
  • – Insulation against moisture that helps stop steam and limit the penetration and spread of moisture that comes from the basement in the rooms of your building. Essential in wet areas, a vapour barrier underlayer also helps prevent the rapid deterioration of the insulation and flooring.

Installation tailored to your needs

We can also recommend a subfloor that combines (or not) different features and offer you very attractive sub-services according to your needs and your desire to have all-inclusive service.

Customized services

In particular, we offer:

  • – The removal of your old floor, which lets you avoid having to perform this task that can be tedious and tiresome, and which makes you waste precious time.
  • – Floor soundproofing using an acoustic membrane, which can give you even more tranquility, perfectly soundproof your rooms, and make you forget the time when you heard your family walking around upstairs in your home.