Wooden staircases: the heart of interior design

The stairs in your house are an important piece of your decor, and they complement the style of your interior according to their form and function: straight staircase, winding staircase, spiral staircase, multipurpose staircase, decorative staircase, secondary staircase, etc. Sometimes, wooden staircases almost constitute a piece of furniture integrated directly into the structure of the house. When they get worn out by frequent passage, they must be renovated to optimize the neat appearance of your home. Once renovated, the wood of your steps will regain all its value, and you’ll be able to adjust the decor as you wish!

Restoration and finishing of wood staircases with steps and risers

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal offers you the know-how and professionalism of a team of highly qualified artisans who have accumulated 3 generations of experience in hardwood staircase finishing work in the Greater Montréal area (from the North Shore to the South Shore, passing through the centre of the Island of Montréal).

We support you in carrying out your staircase renovation project with our personalized tips and our rigorous follow-up. We supervise each step of the work, from the preparation to the finishing touches of your wood staircase, taking care to respond adequately to your needs and expectations.

Ask for your free quote today for the finishing and renovation of a wood staircase in Montréal, and take advantage of courteous service and painstaking work carried out by experts who will always be attentive to even your most specific needs.

How do you give life back to your wood staircase? One step at a time!

At L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, we take care of all types of staircase renovations – in Montréal and in the suburbs – to restore your wood staircase and give it back its style. Staircase sanding is a job that requires a great deal of care, since the different surfaces that make up staircases are usually dotted with important details. Whether it’s a hardwood or a softwood staircase, country or urban style, straight, solid or balanced, winding, closed, open, curved, or other, our team of specialists is committed to ensuring high-quality staircase finishing service that will bring you the finishing look you desire. The artisans and master sanders of L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal perfect the methods proposed to protect your staircase with impeccable finishes by suggesting different surface treatment techniques for the wood, such as paint, varnish, and oil. In addition, we possess the required knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to carry out a clean, precise, lasting, and eco-friendly finish to guarantee all our customers complete satisfaction.

Give a contemporary touch to your staircase finish

Choose the right finish for your wood staircase!

Do you want to give your wood staircase back its new look and preserve its beauty? For a professional-quality staircase finish, rely on the services of recognized professionals in the field of staircase renovation. We’re here to advise you and to guide you in choosing the products suited to the wood type of your staircase, then to offer you a finish that meets your tastes!

We possess the expertise and know-how required to carefully carry out different finishes by following the latest trends, thanks to our team of dedicated artisans. We can realize the staircase finish that suits you. Whether you want a waxed, oiled, or painted staircase, trust our perfectionist experts, who will perform all types of treatments on your staircase (vitrification, wax, stain, or paint). Whether it’s new or a renovation, the goal is to maintain the quality of the wood by preserving it from contact with the air so that it remains durable over the long term.

For all your wood staircase renovation and eco-friendly staircase finishing (stain or varnish) projects, don’t hesitate to use our automated online quote tool or contact L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal to receive a fast, personalized estimate for your project!

An impeccable finish carried out by a team of professionals!
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