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Stain a floor to change your décor!

If you’re looking to change your interior decoration, a stained floor will certainly give character to your floor and a new look to your whole home. Staining a floor requires a great deal of manual dexterity and an in-depth knowledge of wood; that’s why it’s preferable to entrust this work to a specialized contractor who will be able to guide you. For many years, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal has been the preferred choice of people from Greater Montréal as well as the North Shore and the South Shore. Indeed, our company has accumulated an impressive expertise in staining floors and wooden staircases. Here’s how we do it.

Two types of preparation before applying the stain to the floor

Before starting to stain a hardwood floor, it’s necessary to carry out adequate preparation. Here are two types of preparation:

Old wood floor:
Before staining your antique wood flooring, first check its condition. If a few slats are damaged, it’s best to replace them before staining the floor. Wood flooring requires minimal cleaning (washing and vacuuming). In most cases, it’s necessary to sand (sandblast) the floor to remove the varnish layers or residue that cover the surface of the boards. The sanding will facilitate the application and absorption of the stain by the pores of the rough wood.

New or natural wood floor:
The stain on a new or natural wood floor can be applied after a dry cleaning (vacuum cleaner) or after a light sanding (if the surface of the wood is rough).

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Everything you need to know about the application of floor stain and its effects

Stain for wood floors is a coating used to colour hardwood floors and other parts of the house that are made of wood, such as furniture, cabinets, and railings. Hardwood floor stain penetrates the wood grain to change its colour. The harder parts of the floor remain a bit paler than those that are more porous. This phenomenon brings out the pattern of the wood grain, thus contributing to the aesthetics of the flooring.

Floor stain effectively increases the contrasts of the wood and the grain, but it also serves to give it a different colour. You can therefore completely change the look of the material, until it takes on an appearance that’s totally different from how it looked originally. For example, stain can be used to give the appearance of an expensive exotic wood while retaining a standard North American wood. A mahogany-coloured floor stain will therefore give the desired colour to the wood, as long as the grain of the selected wood comes as close as possible to that of mahogany. Many homeowners opt for a stained floor instead of completely replacing the slats of their floor, since staining the wood truly makes it possible to impressively transform the look of a house.

By choosing to stain your wooden slats, you can really personalize your floor according to your tastes and the trends. Together, we’ll choose the custom colour scheme that will suit your floor perfectly. Our colourists, whose reputation is second to none, are highly specialized, and they create sublime colour arrangements. They’ll be able to put together the perfect mixture for your floor. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders offer you a wide range of predetermined and custom colours.

How you apply the stain to your wood floors depends on the style that you want to achieve. It can be applied with a brush, a sponge, or simply a cloth. For an even finish, you should apply the wood stain consistently. The more you wet your brush, the more stain you put on your floor, and the more pronounced the colour will be. The simple act of not applying it in equal amounts can produce colour differences in the flooring and unwanted shades. Once the application is finished, let the stain penetrate the wood, then wipe down the surface to remove the excess.

The pores of the wood aren’t even, and you should spray the parts of the floor that absorb less of the stain. The same stain penetration time must be maintained across your entire floor before wiping to achieve a uniform wood colour. For more information about stain application techniques, you can consult the advice provided by the retailer Minwax, which is one of our valued collaborators.

The stain used by top artisans

Minwax® wood stain is an oil-based stain that provides a majestic colour to your wood. Oil-based stain gives a more beautiful finish, since it penetrates the pores deeply to give them a colour rich in pigments. Minwax® stain is available in 25 wood-tone colours and can be used to improve any rough or bare wood surface. It’s perfect for staining staircases and flooring.

If our know-how in staining is at this point recognized by everyone, including the competition, that’s because we constantly seek to improve ourselves. By doing business with L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you have the assurance of a staining job that meets the highest standards and that will be sure to please!

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