A stained floor will give character to your floor

Stain gives your floor or “stained floor” that much sought-after warmth.

For your flooring, choose to colour the wooden slats and obtain this prized effect on your floor. Together, we’ll choose the custom colour scheme that will suit your floor perfectly. Our colourists, whose reputation is second to none, are highly specialized, and they create sublime colour arrangements. They’ll be able to put together the perfect mixture for your floor. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal offers you a wide range of predetermined and custom colours. Before applying a stain to your wood, the floor must be carefully examined and prepared. Entrust your staining to an experienced artisan; they’re the only one who can successfully stain according to industry standards.

Our cutting-edge working methods for staining a floor are unique, because we’ve developed them within our company. Our stained floor projects are our pride and reflect the efforts we make to satisfy all our customers.

If our know-how in staining is at this point recognized by everyone, including the competition, that’s because we constantly seek to improve ourselves. By doing business with L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you have the assurance of a staining job that meets the highest standards and that will be sure to please!