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An essential finishing touch in any type of interior, floors are a great asset to a property. Not only do they provide aesthetics, but they also offer optimal convenience to homeowners. L’Artisan du Plancher offers the best flooring sales in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointes-aux-Trembles, with several collections and ranges of highest quality floors.

Selecting a high-quality floor covering, therefore, should be a top priority and careful work. A reputable distributor is undoubtedly the best guarantee of the quality and durability of your future floors. And beyond the choice of your floors, it is also essential to hire installation experts to have a professional finish.

Specialist in the installation of floors and flooring sale in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointes-aux-Trembles

Selecting the Right Flooring: the First Step in a Flooring Project

The multiple collections of flooring available on the market today do not make it easy to choose your future floor covering. For the most novice, it may seem complex to define which type of species to choose, the best colors for a specific theme, or the width and thickness of the floors to prioritize. However, by taking into consideration the essential points, it is quite possible to make an easy and adequate selection. Below are the best criteria to take into account when purchasing:

The Expected Style

Every owner has their own ideas about the design of their interior. So, depending on your real expectations, it is important to consider in advance the style you want.

Defining the desired final look is a good starting point in contemporary houses, vintage design, or industrial styles. Recognizing the requested configuration for your flooring project will allow you to distinguish the appropriate design.

A significant attraction of today’s flooring is the variety of colors that make up the floor. Buyers can therefore be spoilt for choice and indeed find the shades that match their wishes. Light or dark floors, a matte or varnished finish, taking into account your expectations, choose what you want. It is important not to make your choice of style only according to the trends.

Choose a floor that will allow you to change and refine your decor in the future without limiting your options. Therefore, prioritize floors that will keep their aesthetic appeal through the years.

The Type of Wood to Choose

Engineered wood, hardwood, or solid hardwood? Making a decision can be difficult without a bit of knowledge. Standard solid wood flooring is generally 14 or 22 mm thick and is available in different widths. This design has solid wood throughout.

Engineered wood flooring is offered in a wide range of widths and has wood veneer thicknesses ranging from 0.6-4.5mm. These two types of wood are very strong and can remain intact for several decades if cared for regularly.

For the ecologically minded, hardwood flooring is the best option. Choose either cork or bamboo, depending on the desired outcome. Regarding engineered wood floors, these are made of a layer of solid wood over many layers of softwood plywood.

The most important advantage of this type of flooring is its stability. It makes it suitable for use in spaces with wet tendencies.

Tips for Installing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors should be installed over ¾-inch plywood on or above grade—not in a basement and never directly on concrete. To determine the amount of flooring you’ll need, multiply the length times the width of the room to get the square footage, then add 10 percent for waste and damaged boards.

Install hardwood floors perpendicular to the floor joists, parallel to the longest wall, leaving a ¾-inch expansion gap around the perimeter. Join the ends of the boards over a floor joist where possible, avoiding joints that form an H. Keep joints that line up at least two rows apart.

Flooring is an important thing to choose, because it will be something that you see most of the day. It is important to choose the right material and color for your home. There are many types of flooring materials on the market, such as ceramic tile and wood. Make sure you know all aspects about your floor.


Specialist in the installation of floors and flooring sale in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointes-aux-Trembles


Hiring an Expert in Floor Installation in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointes-aux-Trembles

The best way to have beautiful, perfectly installed floors in your Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointes-aux-Trembles home is to hire a flooring expert. Contrary to popular belief, the installation of floor parts is not an easy task. Also, it is necessary to have the best techniques to have a flawless finish.

Aware of the importance of flooring in a building, we have decided to offer our flooring sales in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointes-aux-Trembles area of Montreal customers and installation services as well.

Our specialists will use the proper equipment and tools to provide you with perfect interior floors. Moreover, our many years of experience have allowed us to acquire proven knowledge in installing all types of configurations. Improvisation has no place in our work for the pleasure of our owners!