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One of the most popular types of flooring developed by manufacturers today is vinyl flooring and SPC flooring. Each with its own particularities, these two types of flooring seduce because of the many benefits they offer to their adepts. To choose depending on your preferences, you are no doubt curious to know the difference between the two and their specific advantages. Fortunately for you, in this article, we offer you the opportunity to discover all the features of SPC and vinyl flooring. Browse so you don’t miss anything.

Benefits of SPC flooring

SPC or Stone Plastic Composite flooring is a floor covering distinguished by its many virtues. Not to mention the fact that it is a safe floor that is particularly environmentally friendly. Designed using 100% natural materials, this type of flooring does not harm the environment or the human body. The wooden surface of the SPC floor is waterproof and non-slip, as well as having a high-density structure and a non-slip wooden surface that will not be slippery. This makes this floor ideally suited for homes with children or the elderly.

The SPC floor also stands out because it is as light as it is practical. Compared to wood floors, the ceramic tiles and other stone tiles that make up this type of covering are very light. This is the reason why this type of flooring is suitable for buildings with more than three floors. The wide range of colors offered on the wide range of SPC floor models is also a major advantage. Not to mention its ease of maintenance and installation in your home.

Everything that distinguishes a vinyl floor

Over the years, vinyl has proven to be the trendiest and most practical choice for flooring. One of the advantages of this type of flooring is its versatility, as it can be used to reproduce any surface. Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to perfectly imitate the appearance and texture of various natural components such as stone, wood and slate. Adapted to every room in your home, vinyl flooring lends itself to all types of decorations and styles. Simple to install, the vinyl flooring strips’ “click” installation system is as easy to use as it is to use and requires no use of glue or other products during installation.

Moreover, it should be pointed out that vinyl flooring is a durable installation that is easy to repair. Thanks to the many layers, including a urethane wear layer, that make up this type of flooring, vinyl flooring offers a very high level of durability to its users. Especially since, in the event of damage, replacing this type of flooring is simple and practical. Also, vinyl flooring is water resistant and especially economical. Because of its relatively low production cost, vinyl is a generally affordable material and therefore accessible to all types of budgets. Note that vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance material that is especially comfortable.

SPC and vinyl flooring: which one to select?

The important thing to note is that SPC flooring is a little less expensive than vinyl flooring, which is stiffer and a little harder on the feet. Since it is made of stone dust, it is a bit like walking on a concrete floor. It is very stable in temperature variation. Vinyl is more comfortable for the feet, softer than SPC (even more so with glued vinyl) which is thinner than LINC so it adapts better to the deformations of the floor. Less stable than SPC to temperature variations, it can deform with intense cold or heat. More expensive than SPC and a little less durable.

As you can see, both SPC and vinyl flooring are equally advantageous floor coverings. According to your tastes and preferences, it’s up to you to choose the floor that best meets your expectations. What’s more, they are both aesthetically pleasing and at the same time practical, and will easily match the style of your decor. In any case, to make sure you choose the floor covering that best suits the style of your interior, take care to adapt the model that meets your expectations for the use you wish to make of it.