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Solid birch parquet is the aesthetic and practical alternative for a durable and timeless floor. It is, so to speak, the useful installation for a trendy yet timeless home. The beauty of its lines, the style it can give to your rooms and its perfect resistance to everyday knocks and scratches, you will have no trouble to adopt this type of floor in your home. Especially since the advantages of solid cherry wood flooring are not limited to a few points. Find out more about the special features in this article.

The basics on solid birch flooring

Birch is a species of wood from Canada. Known as one of the most popular and sold woods in the country, choosing a solid birch floor is your promise to use a floor that will bring the contemporary and classic look that is missing from your home. Thanks to its solid character, this type of flooring is also distinguished by its naturally beautiful tone that does not require any addition of substance. Of course, sometimes solid cherry flooring can stain very easily.

Usually available in a variety of ranges and shades, solid cherry wood with a red or salmon color usually shows sublime streaks of darker stripes. American cherry wood, on the other hand, has a medium-dense wood with tight grain and a fine, uniform appearance. Note that although solid cherry flooring is slightly softer than maple or oak floors, it is not advised against in the home. This type of flooring differs from other models of the same type by its solidity and ability to last over time. With a smooth and polished surface, solid cherry wood flooring is both economical and pleasant to look at.

Note that solid birch flooring is not very easy to install and requires the help of real specialists in the field. Even the solid cherry wood species available on the flooring market require the intervention of a qualified and specialized installer for a proper installation of your floor covering.

The benefits of a solid cherry wood flooring

As a benefit, the solid birch floor has more than one trick up its sleeve. Also known as yellow birch, this species is especially appreciated in wooden floor coverings. However, it is important to know that solid birch offers original and sublime finishes to complete the design of your interior rooms. Apart from its narrow and mainly straight grain for a uniform structure, it is also common to see solid birch floors with a wavy and curly texture. Even when exposed to high intensity light, this type of flooring also shows less color variation. Offering a light and pleasant tone, it is recommended to apply a UV protection layer as a finishing touch to preserve the durability and aesthetic appearance of your solid birch flooring.

We can only tell you too well, solid birch flooring is a durable floor covering. Thanks to the components and the natural look offered by this species, you can be sure to use a floor that will last you for many years to come. Another way of saying that it is a more than worthwhile investment. And for good reason, solid birch flooring is not only less expensive, but also more ecologically interesting since it is made of hardwood from tropical forests. Another undeniable advantage is that solid birch flooring is an installation that blends in perfectly with the overall decor. Whatever the style of your interior decoration or the look you wish to bring to your home, be sure to always find the solid birch flooring model that meets your expectations and your means.