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Maple floors are prized because of their durability and timeless elegance. There are several types of maple on the Quebec market that are used to make flooring, including sugar maple, silver maple, red or black maple, Pennsylvania maple and many others.

Silver Maple Floor Features

We have already seen the sugar maple floor, here we will see the silver maple floor. Silver maple is part of the soft maple group and its wood is lighter, softer and less resistant than that of hard maple. Compared to the sugar maple floor (hard), just like the silver maple floor, there are several floors like cherry flooring and walnut floor that are very beautiful and make excellent hardwood floors and the fact that they are not hard makes it even better. They are also very durable.

Silver maple wood is softer in nature and may be less robust than other varieties. This essence is more recommended for furnishing finishes. However, silver maple hardwood flooring can be prepared, making it even more durable.

Also, it should be noted that the silver maple wood floor is more suitable for oiling because it is made of a softer wood and so the oil penetrates deeper into the pores of the wood, which will allow it to give better protection compared to oiling on a hard maple floor. When properly maintained, your silver maple floor can last several years. In addition, this beautiful silver maple floor is easy to maintain and installs quickly.

Silver hardwood floors provide a contemporary, uncluttered look to any décor. They are a great choice to highlight its wood floors. Available in several finishes, the silver maple floor has a distinctive natural hue that ranges from creamy white to pale brown. This floor usually has a linear grain and a fine, even texture. The silver maple floor presents with growth rings that tend to be lighter and less distinct, which is more common for soft maple wood than in hard maple.

However, silver maple wood is heavy and quite hard, although it is not as strong as sugar-like maple wood. To learn more about maple flooring and whether this option is ideal for your home, contact your flooring specialist for tailored advice.