Floor repair by l’Artisan du Plancher Montréal

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Floor repair by l'Artisan du Plancher Montréal

  • Floor repair

    Trust your floor repairs to the experts Professionals at your service! Floor repair company serving Montréal, Laval, the North Shore, and the South Shore Are your renovations nearing their end and you’d like to find comfort in your home again, but there are still a few floor repairs to carry out? Have you discovered a lack of hardwood in certain

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  • Hardwood floor repair

    Among the existing options, repairing a hardwood floor is an eco-friendly solution, since by preserving the same material, we reduce our consumption. Hardwood flooring is therefore a sustainable, ecological, and responsible alternative. In addition, you can maintain your flooring for a very long time if you freshen it up from time to time. Floor renovation is therefore an important step

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  • Prefinished Floor Repair

    How should you repair a prefinished floor? You should know that if you want to replace one or more of your prefinished wood slats, you should follow a well-established working method. For this reason, we’ve developed a guide that will allow you to replace the boards in your prefinished wood floor yourself. Although we’ve designed this guide to the best

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  • Oiled floor repair

    How should you repair an oiled floor? During the service life of your floor, there’s a good chance that you’ll damage it. You should repair your oiled floor yourself or call on a floor repair professional. The good news is that if your oiled wood slats have minor damage and you have a bit of manual dexterity, it will be

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  • Sub-floor repair

    The sub-floor is an essential part of building or renovating a home. It is particularly important and is often subjected to severe tests. In any case, repairs are required when the subfloor shows signs of wear or aging. However, this is a common phenomenon that should not be taken lightly. To avoid all kinds of unforeseen events, the best thing

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  • Choose the best turnkey floor replacement service

    Despite the fact that parquet is an installation that is placed under our feet, even the best floor covering can get ruined as the years go by. This is usually caused by many factors such as light, footsteps, everyday shocks and other factors. The good news is that flooring is a worthwhile and profitable investment that can be replaced and

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