• Floor laying

    Floor laying by artisans We’re professional floor layers serving the region of Montréal, Laval, and the South Shore. The quality of our work is therefore our first target. Our credo: a well-done floor installation must without question respect the manufacturer’s standards. If our hardwood floor laying company is certainly a jewel of the Québec economy, what makes the real difference

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  • Floor installation

    Prices for hardwood and softwood floor installation L’Artisan du Plancher is the hardwood floor sanding specialist in Montreal. Check our price list and request an in-home estimate. Installation of hardwood or engineer floor : 1 inch ¾ raw or prefinished *paper and materials not included Starting from 3,95 $ per square foot 2 ¼ inches unfinished or prefinished *paper and materials

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  • Installing hardwood flooring

    For a long time, hardwood has been known as the material that adorns all living spaces in the home. Providing a charming and rustic touch, this type of flooring is much valued in old homes as well as in modern style homes. Quebec residents are especially fond of this flooring. This is due to the countless advantages offered by hardwood

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  • Installation of pre-varnished flooring

    Are you looking for a floor that is both sublime and practical in your interior? It’s time for you to switch to a prefinished floor. It is a type of flooring that stands out for its beauty and ability to blend easily into the décor. Practical, pre-varnished flooring also requires no sanding of your floor. This is the beauty of

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  • Installing laminate & laminated flooring

    Still wondering about the ideal floor covering for your stylish and trendy interior? Why not opt for the installation of a laminate floor or a laminated floor? This is an effective and practical alternative to complete the design of your room. Particularly durable, this type of flooring is also valued for its ability to beautify your interior for many years

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  • Wooden floor finishing

    Floor finishing is an art in itself that requires the know-how of a professional, just like floor sanding. The meticulous finish you dream of for your floors and staircases depends on the way the finishing is carried out on your flooring, then on the railing or steps of your staircase. Let the master sanders at L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal take

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  • Installing vinyl flooring

    Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive alternative for your floor covering. Aesthetic and at the same time economical, it is a floor that will sublimate your interior. Closely imitating the look of ceramic or laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is sometimes difficult to distinguish from real flooring, so great is the illusion. In terms of practicality and quality, this type of flooring

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