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More and more popular in Quebec homes, hardwood flooring seduces by its ability to offer an elegant and resistant look to your floor. Trendy and at the same time ageless, this type of flooring easily adapts to all styles of decoration. Just like hardwood flooring with an oiled finish, which is as much an ecological option as it is easy to maintain, hardwood flooring deserves its place in our homes. However, it should be pointed out that oiled hardwood flooring tends to wear out and tarnish after much too intensive use and often aggressive treatment. To remedy this, restoring your oiled hardwood floor to its original appearance is quite simple. Browse this article to learn a little more.

The benefits of an oiled hardwood floor

Previously very popular, oiled hardwood is making a comeback in stylish and modern homes. Oiled hardwood flooring has the main advantage of being environmentally friendly, thanks to its finish from natural sources. This type of flooring is also conceived to last over time. Not to mention that it is just as capable of resisting temperature variations as it is of resisting the general wear and tear that we are used to putting our floors through. Especially since the oiled finish of this type of flooring is capable of hiding the imperfections of the wood in question. In this way, you will benefit from a more homogeneous surface.

Moreover, it should be noted that an oiled hardwood floor is a floor that requires fairly regular maintenance compared to varnished wood floors. To do so, you will need a broom, a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth to clean the surface. Depending on your needs, you can apply a coat of oil without sanding. The disadvantage is that the oiled surface looks much less glossy than the varnish.

The method for restoring your oiled hardwood flooring

Unlike varnished or lacquered floors, renovating an oiled hardwood floor is much simpler and less expensive. If you find that your floor has lost its shine and needs a little work to restore its beauty, you can naturally opt for the application of a quality oil. Keep in mind that this is an alternative to sanding your entire floor.

In general, the oil applied will be deeply impregnated to nourish it to protect it from wear marks and make it much more waterproof. Note that when stains and scratches are too ingrained, a light sanding of your floor will be useful in addition to the application of many layers of oil on the surface to be treated. The goal is to restore your oiled hardwood floor to its original color.

Use the services of a professional for the renovation of oiled hardwood floors

According to your preferences, your means and especially the nature of the finish you wish to achieve, you can request the services of craftsmen specialized in the renovation of oiled hardwood floors. To simplify your search, our Montreal-based store has a team of craftsmen who are experts in sanding and finishing all types of oiled flooring at your disposal. Serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval, our service ensures that your oiled hardwood floor will be refinished to meet your expectations.

Skilled and experienced, our employees will treat your floors with oil efficiently. This will allow you to restore the color of the wood and avoid any form of contrast. What’s more, the oil we use is of high quality and abrasion-resistant to allow the deep rehydration of your floor covering. Don’t wait any longer to entrust the restoration of your oiled hardwood floor to a true professional in the field.