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The red pine is a softwood that gives very nice results for wooden floors that have a classic look. The floor of red pine is appreciated for its simple beauty and timelessness. In Canada, red pine has been used in the manufacture of hardwood furniture and floors for centuries.

Red pine hardwood flooring is suitable for those who want a classic look or that fits well into the décor in the rest of the space. The red pine floor can be dyed in many colors to match the desired look.

It should also be noted that the red pine was a very popular wood atthe time. Today, there are still several apartments in Plateau-Mont-Royal that have floors in red pine.

Red Pine Floor Features

If you’re looking for a unique look for your flooring, the red pine floor is the right choice. The density of the red pine is higher than that of the white pine, so it has a good resistance to shocks.

Featuring a warm red heart that contrasts nicely with the soft, creamy white of its aubier, the red pine has nodes that add interest, making it perfect for this “knotty pine” look.

Red pine softwood floors are a popular choice to add a warm, rustic or country appearance to your home. Harder and denser than the white pine with a pronounced grain, the solid wood flooring of wide-bladed solid red pine wood is a durable and aesthetic flooring option.

Pros and cons of red pine flooring

Red pine floors are a feast for the eyes. These wood floors will positively affect your mood day after day. Owners are looking for red pine flooring in order to create an emotional bond within their environment. You will discover the warmth, beauty and durability of the red pine wood floor.

Easy to maintain, the red pine wood can be varnished, dyed or oiled. Also, the red pine floor is well-suited to those looking for a classic look, and moreover, you can usually get this gasoline for half the price of other hardwood floors. Over time, these floors will develop a natural and organic wear pattern that cannot be reproduced with hardwoods. If this is the type of look you’re looking for, look no further.

Red pine floors are durable, affordable and ready to be finished to your liking. You can also add a subtler texture to your red pine floor and make it more enjoyable by adding to its unique beauty.

However, the floor of red pine is a soft wood, so it is subject to certain vulnerabilities. Like other soft woods, pine is susceptible to dents and scratches and shows the first signs of wear shortly after installation. You will need to be careful when moving furniture or other heavy objects on the floor to avoid causing deep scratches or scratches in your red pine wooden floor.

If you’re looking for a wooden floor in a sparled room, don’t forget the rustic charm and extremely low cost of soft woods like pine.