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Oak is the most popular choice of hardwood floors in North America. Indeed, oak is renowned for its durability. It is for this reason that it has been the traditional flooring used for centuries.

As a result, oak wood is a very practical choice for hardwood flooring, as it is a very durable wood that can last more than 100 years, while being readily available. In addition, oak floors are very affordable compared to other wood species used and they are very versatile as they can be tinged with almost any color.

What is a Red Oak Floor

Oak flooring comes in two types of wood: white oak flooring and red oak flooring. Contrary to what you may think, white oak wood is darker than red oak wood. Indeed, red oak is a lighter wood that ranges from white to orange, while the color of white oak wood is a mixture of browns and bronzes ranging from dark brown to beige.

Red oak wood offers pink tones and red highlights that will surely charm you. Lighter stains and white washes on red oak wood will have a reddish or pinkish shade to the color. Because white oak is a darker wood, the same shade of colour applied to red and white oak floors will be darker on the white oak floor than on the red oak floor.

Solid red oak wood floors can be finished in different ways to offer a choice of smooth, hand-picked or other surface treatments. You’ll find finishes ranging from matte to semi-shiny, suitable for the straight, open grain of red oak wood.

Red oak wood is widespread on the North American continent. Red oak has natural color variations and a straight grain that can be perfectly straight or give beautiful patterns. If you like wood flooring with thick grain patterns and you desire a lot of colors, then red oak flooring is for you.

Pros and cons of a Red Oak floor

Red oak floors offer a very casual aesthetic, giving your home a unique or rustic feel. The natural grain of the wood enhances the warmth and richness of the floor. Its natural colour varies from pink beige to dark reddish brown and varies little from year to year. The red oak floor has a coarse texture with lots of dark circles on each board.

The red oak floor is also known for its hardness and shock resistance, it exudes elegance with its unique, open and coarse grain and spectacular pattern.

If you are considering a new hardwood flooring and are looking for what type of flooring to lay, red oak flooring is a smart choice for its durability and long-term beauty. You can consult our hardwood flooring experts to help you find a specific finish or look.