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The red oak floors are simply beautiful. Combined with engineered floor treatments that are incredibly beneficial, red oak adapts very well, knowing its reputation for being easy to work, sticky and now extremely well fasteners or attaches.

In Canada, red oak engineered hardwood floors have long been a popular national standard, while red oak wood itself has also served as the industry’s hardness standard, with a Janka hardness index of 1290.

What is a red oak engineered floor?

With their subtle red tones, you’ll enjoy the feeling of warmth inside rooms covered in red oak hardwood, without the wood being the center of concern. The red oak floor warms the house during the cold season.

The texture of red oak wood is coarse. The heart wood of the red oak is reddish brown while the red oak tree is light brown. Red oak is slightly redder compared to white oak.

Red oak is widely abundant and is the reference used for the Janka hardness scale. In addition, there are more than 200 species of red oaks. Red oaks generally grow in Canada, the United States, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iran, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

Benefits of a red oak engineered wood floor

The red oak floors have shades of brown heartwood and red-tinted white hues that create a subtle but resonant contrast that makes this wood particularly pleasant. A uniform grain adds to the overall presentation of a red oak engineered floor.

All these elements make red oak a beauty that is both multicolored and colorful and, like white oak, is aesthetically complementary to any style of house, whether modern or rustic.

Red oak wood also has an attractive natural grain and is widely available throughout the region, making it possible to obtain reasonable prices.

In addition, raw red oak wood has a moderate movement when drying. However, it is best to acclimatize the engineered red oak floor for 1 week before installation and solid red oak flooring for 2 weeks.

It is highly recommended to maintain relative humidity levels in the house between 35% and 50% before, during and after the installation of red oak engineered wood flooring.