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With the growth of the floor oil market, there are now options that will save you time and money. The already-finished pre-oiled floor has seen a growing popularity for being ready to install, as well as the many other advantages offered by oiled wood floors.

However, the choice of finish quality can be crucial, so it’s recommended to check with your supplier regarding the nature of the oils used and the number of layers applied. Ask the advice of a L’Artisan du Plancher advisor specializing in pre-oiled flooring to assist you in your choices up until the installation of your pre-oiled floor, transforming it to suit your taste.

Pre-oiled wood floor sanding and renovation

If you opt for high-quality pre-oiled floors, you’ll add a trendier atmosphere to your home, ensuring a more lasting result. However, you should be aware that, over time, your pre-oiled floor will acquire a certain patina, and the oil finish won’t last forever. It will be necessary to refurbish your flooring as needed by reapplying oil, which will give life back to it and give it more character while preserving its patina.

With the expertise and know-how acquired over 3 generations in the field, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal boasts cutting-edge equipment and technology to treat your oiled floors with care. We can therefore lightly sand the floor using professional sanders equipped with high-performance suction systems to remove dust. Then, we’ll apply the natural oil finish to preserve the natural look and grain of the wood, enhancing its beauty.

Sablage de plancher pré huilé

The best specialist in pre-oiled floors

A pre-oiled floor is an eco-friendly solution that’s easy to clean, maintain, and repair without spending a fortune. In addition, our dedicated artisans can give the desired colour to your pre-oiled floor to enhance its look, providing better resistance and durability to your wood. The result will be impressive!

A pre-oiled floor will highlight the natural character of the wood and bring out the grain of exotic woods to give them a unique look. Furthermore, to extend the lifespan of your oiled wood floor, we recommend reapplying oil every 10 to 12 years, depending on your use. Trust the renovation of your oiled floors to our specialists, who will listen to you and be happy to take care of your needs. Ask for your online estimate today!