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An oiled staircase is a sustainable, eco-friendly choice

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Why choose an oiled staircase?

Have you ever looked at your wooden staircases and asked yourself these questions: Would an oiled staircase be a wise choice? Would it be possible just to apply a coat of varnish over the old one and thus avoid starting the hard work of sanding again?

You’ve asked around and you’ve probably gotten the following response: “We recommend sanding down to the wood and then varnishing.”

If you’d had oiled stairs, it would have been possible to apply a coat or two of natural oil on top of the old one, and your staircase would have rediscovered its former appearance. When you decide to use a penetrating oil to protect your staircase, you’re making a smart choice. You should be aware, however, that if you want to preserve the beauty of your steps or your railing, performing maintenance on your oiled stairs every three or four years is essential!

To do this, just freshen up the surface by applying one or two additional coats of oil. However, keep an eye out for the wood on your stairs becoming exposed or whitened, since it will oxidize and you’ll have to sand it again. We therefore recommend performing preventative maintenance on your oiled stairs in the areas that show signs of premature wear and tear. L’Artisan du Plancher offers you this option, and if you’d like to see some photo examples, please check out “our projects” section.


An oiled staircase: an ecological choice

Over the past two decades, our society has experienced a bona fide revolution. We now take the preservation of the environment very seriously, and this change in mentality is explained by a growing awareness of environmental issues.

We’re in an era of technological developments, and many products are now at our fingertips. Penetrating natural oil is the coating for wood that represents the most ecological solution among all those that exist at present.

Today, oils have greatly evolved; they’re durable and provide that sought-after look to yourinterior. An oiled staircase… and the atmosphere in your home becomes warm and comforting, evoking the inimitable charm of old-fashioned European wood flooring.

Although there are numerous advantages to oils, it’s worth noting, however, that they are only offered in a single lustre that will give your staircase a matte finish.

You’ll also have to look after it meticulously, using the recommended products to preserve all its beauty. If necessary, it might prove useful to apply one to two coats of oil to the surface you want to protect. For more information, check out the “advantages and disadvantages of natural oils” section.

Finally, if you like the vitrified effect that varnish provides your wooden staircases, you’ll therefore have to avoid choosing oil. Fortunately, there are several water-based varnish options: matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.

For more information about varnishes and their composition, check out our “products” section or contact us, and we would be happy to assist you!