You want to redo the old wood flooring in your home, and you’ve decided on oiled floors for their exceptional durability and their ease of maintenance.

Increasingly popular, oiled wood floors are very resistant to wear and tear and offer a warm atmosphere and a highly sought-after matte finish. Treating your wood flooring with floor oil will bring out the authentic warmth of the wood.

Hardwood floor sanding and staining

Gaining in popularity, oiled floors are considered the ideal choice for a living room, family room, kitchen, and all high-traffic areas. Recommended for its many advantages, the traditional oiled finish perfectly camouflages the surface imperfections on your wood floor.

The specialist in residential floors, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal will support you in your decision to renovate your flooring, from laying floors, staining, and even refurbishing your oiled floor.

It’s good to know that, by opting for an oiled floor, the refurbishment and restoration of your oiled floor will be simpler and will require less work; there’s no need to sand or varnish. In addition, it’s been proven that, over time, the natural wood will increase in character with each oiling operation.

Sablage de plancher huilé

Oiled floors: an eco-friendly choice

When you need to renovate your old flooring, it’s important to consider some essential criteria regarding the choice of products used. With the wide range of oils and stains available on the market, you risk wasting tons of time and energy finding only the most suitable products for your type of flooring.

For this, the team of advisors and specialists at L’Artisan du Plancher will take care to guide you in choosing the best formula that guarantees you extreme durability thanks to the application of natural, non-toxic oils.

Indeed, we primarily use vegetable oils with a low VOC content that offer real protection to your floor. They nourish the wood and waterproof it to make it more resistant to wear and abrasion.

A well-made oil floor will give your interior a silky, subdued atmosphere while protecting it from stains and water.

Let the experts take care of the job for an impressive result. Contact us to request a free online estimate!