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Over the years, oiled floors have seen their popularity increase in our homes. Many people have opted for this eco-friendly solution that’s easy to maintain thanks to products that are well suited to this finish.

However, after intense use and sometimes aggressive treatment, your flooring wears out and gets tarnished in spots. Despite the matte finish of the oiled floor, which reduces imperfections, certain stains and scratches don’t disappear with cleaning.

You should know that it’s easy to breathe new life into your oiled floors by choosing the right products and following the right techniques and instructions for applying the floor oil without altering your wood. So follow the advice of an expert or seek the support of a specialist in oiled wood finishes to achieve a lasting result without any nasty surprises.

Effectively refurbish your oiled floor

Unlike varnished or lacquered floors, renovating an oiled floor is much simpler and less expensive. If your oiled floors have lost their lustre and require a refurbishment to regain their original look, you can solve this with the local application of a quality oil, without needing to sand your floor completely.

The oil will penetrate to nourish the wood, protect it against stains, and make it more waterproof. However, some embedded marks and scratches require light sanding, then applying several layers of oil to the surface in question, to achieve the original colour of your floor.

Certified contractor in oiled wood floor restoration

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is a company that specializes in the sanding and finishing of oiled floors of all sorts, and that offers you reliable service when it comes to the restoration and dust-free sanding of oiled wood flooring.

Thanks to a responsible choice of products and finishing oils for floors, oriented towards natural, eco-friendly oils containing very few VOCs, the Artisan du Plancher team makes it a priority to ensure your well-being and protect the environment.

Our experienced artisans have acquired unparalleled know-how when it comes to treating floors with oil to give the wood back its colour while avoiding any contrast. In addition, with our natural, abrasion-resistant finishing oils, your floor will be rehydrated in depth, and the oil will seep into the wood, penetrating all the depleted areas to give it greater resistance and protect it over the coming years.

To restore your oiled wood floors and enhance their beauty, trust your work to our artisans, who specialize in oiling hardwood floors. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for advice or an estimate for refurbishing your oiled floor.