» Blog » Oiled engineered flooring: why choose it?

Having difficulty finding the flooring model that will enhance the design of your interior? Why not choose oiled engineered flooring? This is a floor covering that is both aesthetic and practical and that can fit any decorating style. Ideal for anyone looking to add the final touch to their design, oiled engineered flooring also stands out from the rest because of its durability and unique look. Still not impressed by the advantage of installing such a floor in your home? This article will certainly change your mind.

A timeless floor covering

The main asset of oiled engineered wood flooring is that it is always in fashion, even as the years go by. It’s a fact that engineered flooring is an installation that won’t go out of style right away. It adapts to all the rooms in your home and can be easily adapted to all styles and daily uses.

A durable and resistant parquet

Thanks to its conception using different materials, namely real wood, plywood, dense fibers and veneer glued to the base, the engineered floor also offers an optimal level of stability to its adepts. Especially in humid rooms where hardwood floors cannot find their place. With the three layers that make up oiled engineered flooring, rest assured that it will give your floor the maximum resistance it requires. When it comes to durability, this type of flooring also has nothing to envy. In addition to its robust and resistant material, the oil used as a finish for oiled engineered flooring is a guarantee of protection for your floor. This means that even after 15 years, you can still expect your floor to be in perfect condition and as stable as ever after a small application of oil on its surface.

A covering for all the rooms in your house

As stated above, oiled engineered flooring is an installation that can easily blend in with the décor. Because of its design and noble appearance, it is effectively immune to warping due to changes in humidity and temperature. As a result, it can be installed in any room of your home, regardless of your choice of interior design. The oiled engineered floor even presents itself as an ideal floor in rooms where the humidity level is quite high. This is particularly the case in the kitchen and bathroom, where engineered flooring is an excellent overlay to maintain the quality of your floor. Note that in order to preserve your floor and prevent excessive humidity from affecting its aspect, it is always advisable to clean up any damage as soon as possible.

A parquet floor that can be renewed at any time

In addition to being attractive, durable and stable, oiled engineered flooring is also a model of flooring that can be restored after a decade of use. All you have to do is sandblast your floor and you’re done. Just like solid wood flooring, oiled engineered wood flooring can be refinished to give it all the shine it originally had. A cleaning session to remove the marks of time from your oiled engineered floor will then be performed. This will allow you to enjoy your flooring for many years to come. As for the number of times to perform the oiled engineered floor sanding, it all depends on the thickness of the wood you bet on.

As you can see, oiled engineered flooring is an ultra-natural installation that has its place in a modern and stylish home. In addition to these qualities already stated, it is also important to note that this type of flooring costs much less than other models of the same type. This type of flooring will suit all tastes and budgets.