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L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal,along with its master sanders, is a company that has acquired a reputation based on integrity, professionalism, and reliability. 

For the sanding of your oak wood flooring, for over 30 years, our company has never stopped expanding. We constantly improve the quality of our services, and we procure the best equipment available on the market. We always want to offer our customers more. We serve Greater Montréal, the North Shore, and the South Shore. 

Oak Wood Floors 

Oak is remarkable, mainly for its robustness and its longevity. When it comes to choosing a wood to cover our floors, oak is one of the best choices in terms of beauty, elegance, and durability. Well maintained, oakcan be preserved for several generations. 

You’ve chosen oak wood flooring because: 

  • Oak is a wood that can withstand shocks and impacts. 
  • Oak wood resists moisture well. 


There are many species of oak for hardwood floors. The two species of oak that Québec consumers know best are the red oak and the white oak. 

Red oak wood floors 

The red oak is one of the biggest and most appreciated trees in Québec. It’s also called boreal oak. Red oak wood floors are the more traditional choice among the two types of oak. They’re appreciated for their light golden to pale red colour and their unique grain-like patterns. 

White oak wood floors 

The white oak has been noted as being harder than the red oakWhite oak floors have finer, less pronounced grains as well as warm golden-brown tones. Oak wood floors are also sturdier. Because white oak wood is harder, it tolerates stains more easily than red oak floors. 

If you choose oak wood for your floorsit’s a lifetime investment that will add value to your home when it’s time to sell it. 

L’Artisan du Plancher, for the eco-friendly dust-free sanding of oak wood floors 

LArtisan du Plancher and its master sanders specialize in the dust-free sanding of oak wood floors. We have a mobile workshop and complete equipment to perform all the dust-free sanding work on your floors. 

Floor sanding is an art that demands advanced knowledge. That’s why our customers leave it to us to restore their oak wood floors. They know they can trust us completely. When you choose L’Artisan du Plancher and its team of master sanders, you’re in good hands. Our company believes that you should be able to have your oak wood floors sanded while keeping your interior environment free of dust. 

Other service offers fromL’Artisan du Plancherand its master sanders 

L’Artisan du Plancherand its team of master sanders offer you the following services: 

  • The repair and sanding of your oak wood steps and railings will let you restore the burst of radiance needed to rediscover an enchanting décor. It’s a much less costly option than replacing your steps and railings while achieving incredible, breathtaking resultsStair and railing sanding is the option chosen by many homeowners who prefer to extend the lifespan of their oak wood steps and railings. Once the renovation of your steps and railings is complete, you can decorate the staircase as you see fit! 

Important tips for caring for oak wood floors according to the chosen finish 

  • Vitrified oak wood floors: Dust then clean your oak floors using a product for polishing your wood. Choose a metalizing lotion to renovate and revive your vitrified oak wood floors. In addition, consider protecting them from marks by putting felt pads on the legs of your tables or chairs. 
  • Oiled oak wood floors: Above all, don’t use water. You risk making the wood turn grey. Use a suitable cleaning soap and apply a coat of oil every six months. Your oak wood flooring will last longer. 

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, a family business, will be pleased to offer you complete expertise that’s within your reach. For more information, check out our website. 

Challenge us to surprise you. We love a good challenge!