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The Best Natural Oils for Wood Floors

Oiled floors are fashionable, because people appreciate their authentic properties. The large number of natural oil suppliers sometimes makes it hard for our customers to choose. On this page, you’ll find the best natural oil suppliers, the places where you can find them, and the retailers that can help you in your endeavours.

Our floor sanding company is one of the few companies to specialize in oiled floors and oiled staircases. Our practical and theoretical knowledge of natural oils makes us an undisputed benchmark in the field. Our recommendations will be useful to you and allow you to make a wise decision. You can also find a wealth of useful information on our site under the tips tab, especially to learn more about caring for an oiled floor and preserving an oiled floor. 


Livos eco-friendly oils 

This natural floor oil supplier offers the full range of environmentally-friendly German oils. Livos wood oils, including Kunos 244 (a universal hard oil), are designed to colour, seal, and protect wood floors. They’re available in 18 colours. There’s no synthetic product in the manufacture of these products. The matching Livos-brand cleaning products are also available at Colobar and Langevin & Forest stores. 

Livos floor oils are particularly appreciated by our customers for their natural composition, their ease of application and maintenance, and their highly professional finish. The retailer Colobar has produced a highly useful video explaining the important steps in the wood oiling process. 


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Carver oil 

CARVER natural oil suppliers offer you the full range of products, including Primol and Greenol oils and cleansing soaps. Their oils are available in 15 different colours. They stand out thanks to their low VOC emissions, in addition to being biodegradable, long-lasting (10-12 years), non-toxic, and low-odour. 


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Prato-Verde oil 



This company designed the Uno and Secondo oils, which are made from natural substances. Although the company has developed its own recipes, the ingredients are all purchased from the Italian oil manufacturer Carver. Prato-Verde natural oils come in 20 colours. Their soaps – Sancio, Bonito, and Luminoso – are also available for floor care. 

prato-verde huile naturelle plancher

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You can find the retailer nearest you by going directly to the Prato-Verde site or by clicking the following link:http://prato-verde.ca/locator/ 


ÉcoSélection oils 


It was a small local artisan by the name of Pierre Gauvreau who created his own range of wood oils under the ÉcoSélection brand. They’re manufactured right here in the Eastern Townships of Québec. Pierre Gauvreau respects nature, and so do his products. These products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In 1998, he won the Healthy Renovation award in the “Ecological Innovation in Housing” contest organized by 21st-century homes. He also stands out through his artisanal innovations that respect the physical and energetic harmony of the human body. ÉcoSélection natural coatings are available in three different sizes: 1 litre, 3.78 litres, and 10 litres. 

ÉcoSélection huile naturelle pour plancher en bois

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You can find the retailer nearest you by going directly to the ÉcoSélection site or by clicking the following link: http://www.ecoselection.com/ 

Auro oil 


Auro produit huile naturelle pour plancher en bois

For almost thirty years now, the AURO company has been tirelessly building on the concept of raw materials of the future. AURO is one of the few companies that offers eco-friendly oils without any VOCs. The material resources of the chemistry of the future are available in great richness and diversity within our biosphere – that is, in plants. Since its creation, AURO has been strictly oriented towards sustainability criteria, in terms of research and development, selection of raw materials, manufacturing processes, layout of the range, documentation, and minimizing the consumption and disposal of waste. 


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