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Natural oak parquet is a floor covering that is very popular in both modern and traditional homes. Famous for its unique look and its ability to blend in with the overall decor, this species has everything to please and never go unseen in your room. However, it is important to note that in order to benefit from all the aesthetic and practical aspects of this type of flooring, it is essential to turn to true professionals in the field. When choosing and installing natural oak flooring, you should seek the opinion and guidance of experts in the field. Overview of the advantages and criteria for choosing natural oak flooring.

Features of natural oak flooring

It is a floor covering made of a noble wood species, particularly rich in variations and tones. Because of its “natural” look and its high resistance to everyday shocks, oak flooring is a floor that deserves a place in your home, both in terms of fashion and style. In fact, it is a floor covering available in a wide variety of models so that you will have no trouble choosing the one that best suits your desires and expectations, as well as your decorating project.

As another special feature, it should also be noted that natural oak flooring is a model that stands out for its affordable price for all types of budgets and its ease of installation. That said, it is important to always entrust the installation of such a floor to a qualified and experienced team. This is a way for you to ensure both the quality of the final finish and the safety of the installation you will be putting under your feet. In terms of solidity, natural oak flooring also has nothing to envy to other floor coverings of the same kind. And for good reason: it is highly resistant to scratches and other everyday problems, even if it is nothing compared to the solidity of solid oak species.

The natural oak flooring also has a thickness of 1/2 ” for widths and grades: authentic: 5 ”, 6 1/2 ” R & Q: 6 1/2 ”. And a thickness of 3/4 ” with widths and grades: authentic: 5 ”, 6 1/2 ”, 8 1/8 ” R & Q: 6 1/2 ” on the other hand. To choose depending on your desires and your preferences, know that natural oak flooring often displays semi-gloss, brushed matte, matte and satin sheens. One way to prove to you that by opting for the installation of this type of floor in your home, you have a wide choice of colors and patterns to add the touch that is missing in your interior.

Last but not least, remember that natural oak flooring is perfectly suited for use in basements, on the first floor and on the upper floors of your home.

The criteria for choosing natural oak flooring

So you will have understood, the natural oak parquet is an advantageous installation which aims to enlarge your spaces in an atmosphere as well purified as luminous. Of a sober, pure and ageless naturalness, it owes all its assets to its colorless finish. To make sure you’re betting on the best model, there are a few key elements to take into account. The first factor to be taken into consideration is the choice of the support you are going to use. For the presence of knots that will give your floor all its charm, it is up to you to choose between sound or scattered repaired knots. The width of your floorboard and the type of finish you want for your natural oak floor once it has been laid are also decisive factors in your choice. Please note that you are free not to apply a finish to your floor, but just stick to applying a protective layer for your natural oak floor.