» Blog » Natural hickory flooring: a stylish and trendy floor covering!

Within the wide variety of flooring models on the market, natural hickory wood seems to be the warm and stylish option for use in every room of your home. Thanks to its texture with visible growth rings, this type of flooring effectively brings a unique look to your spaces. Coming from several countries around the world, natural hickory is a species available in several species, just like the pecan tree which is very popular for its original patterns. If you are not yet convinced about the idea of installing a natural hickory floor in your house, these few lines will make you change your mind for sure.

Features of natural hickory flooring

Hickory is a wood species related to the pecan tree. With an appearance similar to that of pecan, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish these two woods once cut. Note, however, that hickory is a very hard wood, even though it has less stability compared to other woods. With its closed grain and denser nature, this type of wood is the material of choice for fireplaces that like to look like granular wood. Available in a wide range of colors, natural hickory flooring is at its best because its sapwood has a creamy white color that is easy to stain. Also, it should be noted that natural hickory flooring tends to absorb moisture more quickly than other wood species. For this reason, it must be laid as soon as it is delivered so that its special characteristics can be highlighted.

Natural hickory flooring is 3/4″ or 19 mm thick with a core made of high-end plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF). Intended for domestic use and can be installed in all rooms of your home, such as upstairs, downstairs and condos, this type of flooring is not affected by humidity. This is one of its greatest advantages. Not to mention its light color and its appearance, which is suitable for both classic and modern decorations. As for the luster of the natural hickory floor, the matte finish, satin finish, semi-gloss finish and gloss finish are available.

Natural hickory flooring is also available in Canadian Plus and Cottage grades in widths ranging from 2 ¼ or 57 mm, 3 1/4 or 83 mm, 4 1/4 or 108 mm to 5 or 127 mm.

The benefits of natural hickory flooring

As a benefit, natural hickory flooring or heartwood has a tan or reddish color with a creamy white sapwood with fine brown lines. In terms of grain, this type of flooring also has a closed, reasonably defined grain with a somewhat rigorous texture. This makes it the ideal species for an installation in perfect harmony with the style of your interior decoration. In terms of stability, it should also be noted that compared to other common North American species, hickory is more sensitive to shrinkage when drying. This is why it is important to purchase hickory flooring from a reputable manufacturer who has taken care to dry the wood properly. Also remember that to avoid any risk of swelling and shrinkage of your carefully laid floor, it is important not to acclimatize it.

In terms of hardness and resistance, hickory flooring is no less hard and strong than other floor coverings of the same type. Especially resistant, the reputation of this floor as a sturdy floor is well-founded since hickory is a very dense, rigid, solid wood that is both resistant to everyday shocks and scratches. This means that no other hardwood for domestic use except hickory offers this perfect blend of strength and durability. That said, to benefit from the aesthetic and practical aspects and all the special features of this flooring, it is important to entrust its installation to true specialists in the field.