» Blog » Natural ash flooring: the flagship installation for a stylish and refined house

In search of the right flooring for your interior? It’s time for you to choose natural ash flooring. As its name suggests, this is an installation that is distinguished by its natural character and without any finishing touches. Increasingly appreciated, ash wood is an interesting species that provides a wonderful look in terms of hardwood flooring. With its color ranging from creamy white to golden shades to dark brown, this type of flooring will give your home the friendly atmosphere as well as the refined look it lacks. Continue this article for more details on this subject.

All about natural ash flooring

The natural ash parquet is a floor covering with a strong grain pattern almost identical to oak. Because of its pronounced grain pattern, this type of flooring is well able to conceal natural imperfections and scratches as well as dents that become much less apparent than in other species of the same kind. With its sublime natural color, however, it is common to see natural ash flooring stained dark. Especially since the original color of this type of flooring tends to moderate over time to turn orange. In addition, ash is a natural wood species with natural colors that range from pale straw to brown and the pink color of red oak. Also, it is worth noting that the high-growth rings appear to be the strong points of natural ash flooring.

In general, natural ash flooring is a professionally finished installation that can be colored according to your desires and preferences. So you can easily adapt the style of your decoration to the floor of your room. On the characteristic side, take note that natural ash flooring has a thickness of 3/4” for widths and grades: rustic: 2 1/4”, 3 1/4”, 4 1/4”. As for the chandeliers that make up such a floor covering, brushed matte, matte, semi-gloss and satin are offered. And last but not least, remember that natural ash flooring is a floor that suits all the rooms of your home, except the basement. Also, this type of floor covering cannot be used as a cover for underfloor heating.

Positive and negative points of natural ash flooring

In general, natural ash flooring is a floor covering that is as strong, resistant and particularly flexible. Known for its ability to withstand shocks, the installation of this flooring is virtually the option for all pet owners, small children or homes with a much more active lifestyle than others. Or simply for households that don’t want to break their heads over the floor on their feet.

Except for the basement, you are also free to use natural ash flooring in all your spaces. Whether it’s your business, your home or your condo. Note that this type of flooring can be installed in high-traffic areas such as businesses and restaurants. In terms of price, note that resistant natural ash flooring costs between $4 and $7 per square foot. This price normally varies depending on the grade of the floor. This means that natural ash flooring is an attractive investment that will pay for itself over time with its excellent quality-price ratio.

In addition to its firm and hard-wearing character, this type of wood is also one of the most valuable hardwood species. The only drawback is that it can turn yellow after exposure to intense light. To remedy this, nothing is better than a thin application of UV protection agent as a finishing touch and to limit the color change of natural ash flooring as much as possible.