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Maple is a hard and richly coloured wood species, making it a popular choice for flooring. Maple hardwood floors bring warmth, natural beauty and timeless style to your home.

Maple engineering flooring is strong and durable. They have a straight, discreet grain and a uniform colour that creates an elegant canvas, perfectly complementing a contemporary design scheme.

What is a maple engineered floor?

With its light natural finish and clean surface, the maple floor is perfect for contemporary spaces.
The natural colour and appearance of maple wood flooring depends on where the wood is cut on the tree. The outer wood of the trunk, also called ‘aubier’, can be creamy white with brown veins and sometimes slightly pink, while the wood in the centre of the trunk, the ‘heartwood’, may be reddish brown or slightly dark brown darker grey.

Maple wood floors generally offer fine, straight lines that are clean, enlarging the room to give it a visual space effect. On the other hand, homeowners often like light maple hardwood floors, as they adapt to a wide range of styles ranging from modern to traditional, rustic, and make small rooms look even bigger and larger. Spacious maple wood floors generally complement most wooden cabinets.

One of the main advantages of maple flooring is that it is widely available, and the choice is vast. Moreover, because it comes from local and responsible sources in Canada, it is therefore better for the environment than exotic hardwoods.

It should be noted that maple produces different types of wood: hardwood and soft wood, which creates confusion. Indeed, sugar maple wood and black maple wood are considered hardwoods, while silver maple and red maple are considered soft woods.
That said, maple softwood remains a difficult option because the wood itself is very hard. Maple has a naturally straight grain, which makes it particularly stable.
Pros and cons of a maple engineered floor
Solid, durable and resistant to wear, a maple engineered floor is an excellent performance in every room where it’s good to live. Like most natural wood floors, it can add value to a home. As it is an extremely durable species, it can last for generations if treated with proper care.

Maple-engineered wood flooring combines the beauty and character of maple hardwood with the strength and stability of the engineered floor. Engineered flooring is resistant to temperature and humidity, allowing them to be installed in areas inaccessible to traditional hardwoods.

Maple wood is harder than oak, but not as stable. Maple engineering floors are very durable and offer excellent resistance to scratches. However, if the maple floor is not covered with a strong polyurethane finish, it will scratch, and its smooth grain will make the stripes more visible.

However, maple is widely available and very affordable; there are different qualities and types of maple engineered wood floors that are available for most budgets.