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Choosing Your Cleaning Products for a Clean Floor! 

Your varnished floor and staircase deserve special care. Caring for a varnished floormust be done according to a well-established method. Contrary to popular belief and grandma’s recipes, a vitrified hardwood floor should not be cleaned with products such as vinegar, wood oils, or household detergents. To keep your floor and steps in good condition, use a mild soap with a neutral pH. Ideally, you should use the same brand of cleaner as that of your varnish. If you’ve installed a prefinished floor, ask your retailer to provide you with the appropriate soap. For example, if your floors were varnished with a Bona water-based varnish, we recommend using the cleaner from the same brand to wash your wood floors. 

Bona Cleaning Products: Hardwood Cleaning Kit 

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The Bona cleaning kit for laminate floors is a necessary cleaning set that includes a Bona mop (four-piece handle with head), a machine-washable microfibre cleaning and dusting pad, and bottle of Bona cleaner. Ask L’Artisan du Plancher for more information about professional-grade hardwood maintenance. Bona products are available at Home Depot and several big box home renovation centres.  

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To find a retailer that offers Bona products for varnished surfaces: 

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AquaShine Cleaning Products for Varnished Surfaces 

AquaShine cleaning products from SamaN, which are specially designed to care for your hardwood floors and laminate surfaces, are fast and easy to use. They make it possible to wash all types of wood floors with a polyurethane finish and all laminate surfaces. 

These products are non-abrasive and leave no traces or residues. 

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Find a retailer of AquaShine cleaning products for varnished surfaces 

SamaN products are sold at the following retailer: 

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Finitec Cleaning Products for Floors: Only Cleanliness Left Behind! 

Find a retailer of Finitec cleaning products for varnished surfaces 

Consult the following link to find the retailer nearest you:  

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Carver Wood Cleaning Products 

Carveralso offers specific products for your varnished wood floors intended for both domestic and professional use and capable of meeting all the requirements in terms of cleaning and maintenance. 

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Find a retailer of cleaning products for varnished surfaces: 

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