Bamboo flooring is currently at the heart of the decorative trend. Ideal for covering bathrooms or rooms that are commonly humidified, this type of flooring has great qualities. Although it does not show any major difficulty of installation, whether it is solid or parquet, to succeed in the installation of a bamboo floor in the standards is however not given to everyone. In fact, without the right technique, your flooring may not retain its aesthetic qualities and be particularly resistant.


At worst, your floor will be prone to leaks, which is not at all advantageous for your interior. To make things easier for you, our in-store staff, specialists in bamboo flooring installation, offer you their service. Follow us for details.


A friendly and competent team is at your disposal for all your visits to our store. This team will have more specifically the mission to define the service you need for the realization of all your projects. It is only afterwards that our flooring experts will take the time to present their experience and know-how in bamboo flooring installation. When you leave our premises, you are guaranteed to enjoy an aesthetic and high quality bamboo floor installed according to the rules of the trade.


In terms of labour costs, our service is second to none. We provide top-of-the-range services at a very affordable price to better meet your requirements. What’s more, to give you an idea of the rates we charge for our services, you can send us a request for a quote. A tool specially designed for this purpose is at your disposal for a service that meets your expectations and your means.


For all your bamboo flooring installation projects, do not hesitate to contact our professional and experienced team. We will take care to meet your needs in terms of appearance, durability and safety for your floor. To serve you better, our specialists will be sure to come and install your flooring in the shortest possible time. Whether you are a professional or an individual, don’t wait any longer and come and see us soon to take advantage of our exceptional offer on the installation of your bamboo floor!