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Feel like bringing a touch of originality to your house? You need to cover your floor with a rough floor. This is a solid floor sold rough planed, without any addition of finishing products such as oil, stain or varnish. This type of flooring is particularly advantageous and can be easily applied to different types of decor. Aesthetic and resistant at the same time, the rough floor nevertheless requires a good installation technique for an excellent finish. Hence the need to seek the services of an expert in the field. Follow this article for more details.

What features the rough floor

Rough flooring is a wooden floor covering with a wear layer that is at least 2.5 mm thick. In general, this type of flooring is solid and is made of one and the same noble wood species such as oak, beech, mahogany or other. A model that you will select according to its hardness, rigidity, color, but also its resistance to humidity. In addition, the raw floorboard has a thickness of 10 to 24 millimeters. And raw in the sense that it is a type of flooring without any kind of finish.

Benefits of opting for a rough floor

The rough floor is a floor that has a lot of benefits. Warm and natural in nature, it usually gives your interior an inimitable cachet and is available in a wide variety of species. Especially durable and at the same time resistant, the rough floor also offers you the assurance of perfect sound and heat insulation. Thanks to its practical thickness, it can be used for numerous renovations and sanding.

As this is a rough floor, you can also apply the finishing product of your choice yourself. And this, no matter what the required quantity is. The finishing of your rough floor depends on where it will be laid, with more or less traffic. With this type of flooring, you are free to choose the finish you want.

Also, by keeping the finishing products you have used, you will be able to renovate identically by buying a raw strip, even several years later. Without worrying that you will no longer be able to find the same type of finish. When it comes to care and maintenance, raw flooring has nothing to envy. A daily sweep or vacuuming may be enough to keep your floor in good condition. Regularly renewing the finish of your rough floor will also be useful as the years go by to restore your floor’s shine.

To whom should you entrust the installation of rough flooring?

As stated above, rough flooring is a floor covering that needs the services of a specialized installer. To meet all your expectations, our store located in Montreal and serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval is at your disposal. A top-of-the-line service for the installation of your rough floor will be carried out by us. This will enable you to make the most of the many advantages of raw flooring.

An experienced and professional team will be more specifically in charge of accompanying you and also to advise you during your visit with us. Not to mention our flooring experts who will take to heart to offer you a service that meets your expectations. And this in no time at all. In terms of cost, note that our store also provides high quality services at the best price. A way for you to enjoy an excellent floor that is aesthetically pleasing, durable and practical in your home. Open during business hours, keep in mind that our Montreal store also offers raw floor marketing services. A wide range of models awaits you there, it’s up to you to adopt the one that best suits your expectations. In short, don’t doubt to contact us or make an appointment with our service department to perfect the installation of your rough floor.