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Consult the complete list of our suppliers of floor care and finishing products.

  • Cleaning Products for an Oiled Floor

    Which Products Should You Use to Maintain an Oiled Floor?  If you have an oiled floor or staircase, you’ve made a wise choice. By maintaining it properly, you’ll probably never have to sand it again. Read our oiled floor maintenance guide carefully and follow it rigorously to preserve its authenticity. It will be necessary for you to use products that are compatible with each

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  • Cleaning Products for a Varnished Surface

    Choosing Your Cleaning Products for a Clean Floor!  Your varnished floor and staircase deserve special care. Caring for a varnished floor must be done according to a well-established method. Contrary to popular belief and grandma’s recipes, a vitrified hardwood floor should not be cleaned with products such as vinegar, wood oils, or household detergents. To keep your floor and steps in good condition, use

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  • Stain for Wood Floors

    Suppliers of Stains for Wood Floors   A stained floor gives your décor a warm atmosphere. The stain brings out the grain of your wood and gives it a character that magnifies the space it occupies. Choosing the right stain manufacturer is therefore a crucial step in restoring your floors. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal has sifted through the entire industry for you to identify the best stains for wood floors. Our floor sanding know-how is undisputed. To offer

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  • Water-Based Varnish Manufacturers and Their Retailers

    Water-Based Latex Varnish  It can sometimes be hard to choose the best varnish to protect your wood floor. The mission of L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is to offer you the best products from among the water-based varnish manufacturers. That’s why we’ve identified the manufacturers that produce the most effective varnishes in the entire industry. Here, you’ll find trusted suppliers that meet the highest standards of varnish production.

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  • Suppliers of Natural Oils for Wood Floors

    The Best Natural Oils for Wood Floors Oiled floors are fashionable, because people appreciate their authentic properties. The large number of natural oil suppliers sometimes makes it hard for our customers to choose. On this page, you’ll find the best natural oil suppliers, the places where you can find them, and the retailers that can help you in your endeavours.

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