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For three generations, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal has specialized in the installation, restoration, sanding, and lasting finish of hardwood floors and staircases in the Greater Montréal area and Laval, and on the North and South Shore.
To satisfy our customers, we’re equipped with a dynamic team of experienced floor installers and passionate master sanders who will take care of your wood floor renovation projects of all sorts.
Take advantage of custom floor renovation service to make a perfect match. Let the experts take care of it for a breathtaking result!

Eastern Larch

Did you know that, in Québec, we produce a wide variety of species – such as maple, oak, yellow birch (cherrywood), and larch – that are used for homes and shops?
However, eastern larch (also known as red spruce) is an unknown wood. Native to our Québec forests, larch wood has a yellowish-brown heartwood and a rather whitish sapwood.
With its rustic texture, larch is a privileged, very beautiful wood with a coloured, highly veiny grain, which gives a prestigious appearance to your home. Larch is considered the densest conifer tree wood in North America and is comparable to red maple.
Highly recommended for the floors in your cottage or bathroom, larch offers a unique look to your interior, very high dimensional stability, and an incredible resistance to rot. This wood also has a high density that exceeds that of maple. All these advantages make it an ideal wood for your residential or commercial floors.

Professional larch wood floor and staircase sanding

If you’re looking for a competent contractor recognized for their professionalism to refurbish your floor in the Montréal area and its surroundings, opt for L’Artisan du Plancher. With L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you’re guaranteed to be accompanied by experts who will guide you in your choice of wood species and products according to your needs and expectations.
Our qualified team offers you courteous, personalized service for sanding larch wood with care. They also offer you an impressive selection of products and custom stains for finishing all your larch wood flooring.
We provide the meticulous stripping and sanding of the eastern larch wood that makes up your staircase, its railings, its posts, and its handrails. Your larch staircase will thus enhance the appearance of your interior!

A personalized and resistant finish for your larch floors and staircases

With its coarse texture, the larch floor is characterized by the presence of small knots and large growth rings, giving it a much-appreciated country look.
For a remarkable aesthetic, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal takes care of the complete repair of your larch wood floor and lets you choose the lasting finish that suits you and your home. Furthermore, our experienced specialists prefer to apply high-quality natural oils and water-based stains free of toxic fumes, thus allowing the wood to breathe.
Your larch floors will therefore regain brighter colours, along with a sleek and wear-resistant finish.

For your larch wood flooring work
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