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When looking for hardwood flooring options, most people tend to think of oak, pine or walnut, but there are many other very interesting solutions. Whether you prefer exotic wood or something that comes closer to home, you know that with a wooden floor, you make a good investment. When it comes to looking at the options available on the market, you can turn to exotic woods such as Ipé, Cumaru or Brazilian Cherry, or else consider the Larch.

March wood comes from the coldest regions of the northern hemisphere, and larch is widespread in Russia and Canada.

Characteristics of the Larch Floor

Larch is a versatile and attractive flooring option that can be used with great effect in modern and traditional environments. Due to the cold climate, the Siberian larch grows slowly, resulting in an attractive grain and sustainable soil. Only Grade A boards are selected, with defined knots marked by annual rings.

The larch floor is known for its durability and waterproofness. As a result, it is often used in boat construction and for outdoor projects such as fences and pavements. However, because of its strength and durability, the larch floor is ideal for the manufacture of wooden flooring.

Larch wood flooring is a popular choice and available in engineered and solid wood options, in a multitude of colors and finishing options. In addition, the larch wood floor will enhance all rooms in the house and can be used in both traditional and modern settings.

Pros and cons of a larch floor

This species of softconian conifers has the properties of a real hardwood, offering strength and durability. Larch wood is the most resistant softwood which makes it ideal for busy areas and will suit all your domestic and commercial projects.

In addition, large colour variations make it a very attractive choice. No matter which room of house you’re looking to put on, larch is a great option. However, if you are planning a floor renovation project in your bathroom or kitchen, it is best to opt for a larch flooring, as it will withstand changes in heat and humidity from these rooms, but in other rooms of the home, engineered wood or raw wood can provide.

One of the main advantages of larch is that it is very resistant, making it ideal for rooms where traffic, pedestrian traffic and wear are likely to be more intense. Generally more resistant than pine, larch flooring is also affordable, increasing its popularity.

Add to all this the fact that larch floors come in a multitude of colours. From an almost white colour to a rich dark brown colour, the larch generally has a beautiful visible grain and often has a significant colour variation, which makes it very attractive.